Ghostrunner 2 has multiple enchantments for swords including upgrade chips and also, they come in the form of sword skins, which not only change the aesthetic of your sword but also add a touch of personal flair to your character. In the level titled “Uninvited Guests,” players have the opportunity to find two unique sword skins. This guide will walk you through the exact locations of these collectible swords in Ghostrunner 2.


Where To Find Both Swords In Uninvited Guests

First Sword Location

  • As you progress through the level, continue until you’ve passed the second train section.
  • Jump down and shatter the wall. Proceed a short distance to your right.
  • Look out for the sword collectible icon, which will be hovering and spinning near a grating.
  • Once you’ve collected the sword, you can equip this new skin immediately. Access your start menu, head to the Armory, and select the blue and light gray swatch located at the bottom left of the selection screen.

Second Sword Location

  • Continue through the level until you arrive at the next significant combat arena, which is also the final one for this level.
  • You’ll know you’re in the correct location when you need to jump towards a vent that’s positioned near two large LED screens.
  • After clearing out all the enemies, ensure you don’t exit the level. Exiting prematurely will result in losing your progress, forcing you to replay the entire level.
  • The sword you’re looking for is concealed behind one of the large screens that can be pulled to the ground. This screen displays an advertisement for a product named “Bio Mayonaise.”
  • Approach the screen and use your grapple to pull it down. This action will reveal a tunnel. Head inside to find the sword, which boasts a cleaner red shade compared to the default sword skin.

These two swords offer players a chance to customize their character in Ghostrunner 2, adding a personal touch to their gameplay experience. Whether you prefer the sleek blue and gray design of the first sword or the vibrant red of the second, these collectibles are a must-have for any player looking to enhance their game.

Things To Know

The minimap in Ghostrunner 2 is an invaluable tool when hunting for collectibles. Blue question mark icons on the minimap indicate the presence of a collectible nearby. Always keep an eye on these icons as you navigate the level.

If you happen to miss a sword or any other collectible during your first run, don’t fret. Ghostrunner 2 allows players to replay levels from the main menu at any time. This means you can always return to “Uninvited Guests” or any other level to hunt down any missed collectibles.

In total, the “Uninvited Guests” level houses five Artifacts and two Swords. Once you’ve collected all of these, you can proudly say you’ve fully completed the level in terms of collectibles.