Ghost of Tsushima’s new DLC brings something called the Wind of Concentration Challenges. These tasks are found at various locations across the map. In this guide, we will discuss all Wind of Concentration Challenges locations in Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Wind of Concentration Challenges Locations

Challenge #1: The first challenge is at the very center of Iki Island. It is an archery challenge located east of the Kidafure Battleground, southwest of the Zasho River.

Challenge #2: The next archery challenge is located south of the Kidafure Battleground, northwest of Lake Nagata.

Challenge #3: The third archery challenge is located southwest of Weeping Mother’s Meadow and southeast of Senjo Gorge.

Challenge #4: The fourth archery challenge is inside the Yahata Forest, northeast of Zasho River.

Challenge #5: Head over to the southwestern section of Iki Island. You will see an Archer near the shoreline. The location is to the southwest of Sarubashi and Saruiwa.

Challenge #6: This archery challenge is in the southern section of the island, south of Buddha’s Footprints. The location has blue flags.

Challenge #7: East of Lone Spirit Falls you will find another archer waiting to challenge your skills. The location has red flowers all over the place.

Challenge #8: This archery challenge is on the northern part of the island at Raider’s Promontory. The location is to the northwest of Sly Hunter’s Forest.

And that’s everything you need to know about archery challenge locations in Ghost of Tsushima. Need more help? See how to get horse armor, how to get Sarugami armor.

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