The Unbreakable Gosaku is one of the mythic quests that earn players new equipment and attack techniques. This Mythic quest earns player Gosaku’s Armor but getting it is not as easy. Our Ghost of Tsushima The Unbreakable Gosaku Guide will help players with how to get the keys to get Gosaku’s Armor.

The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Quest

To start the mythic quest, players first need to unlock the Toyotama region and then talk to the Yamato located in that region. Players will find him to the south of Akashima Village in the center of the settlement.

Talk to the musician and he’ll explain the context of this particular mythic quest. The objective is to find the six keys to Gosaku’s Armor. Finding these keys is easy, each key was taken by a different family.

What players have to do is go to the corresponding village and defeating the attacking Mongols. The villages are marked on the map. The locations are as follows along with their regions.

Iijima Farmstead – Toyotama region
Koshimizu Farmstead – Toyotama region
Yagata Farmstead – Izuhara region
Kuta Farmstead – Izuhara region
Aoi Village – Izuhara region
Ohama Fishing Village – Izuhara region

Saving the hostages is the objective, if the hostages die, the quest will fail. Players can go to these villages in any order they like.

How To Get Gosaku’s Armor

Once players have all sic keys, it’s time to use them. Go to the marked area on the map which is east of Old Togo Rice Fields. There will be a white stone hill and its north side will be heavily guarded by Mongols. Defeat these Mongols and open the door in the hill using the sic keys players have collected.

Make your way through until players come to an open space and you’ll be facing a wall. Climb the wall using the grappling hook. Climb up and follow the path unit you reach the top. There will be aa small chest, open it and claim Gosaku’s Armor along with a matching headband.

That is all for our Ghost of Tsushima The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Quest Guide with tips on how to get Gosaku’s Armor. For more on the game, also see our Hidden Altars Locations Guide and Black and White Dye Merchant Locations Guide.

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