After the end of the Prologue, The Warrior’s Code quest begins for Ghost of Tsushima players. It is part of the first act of Jin’s Journey for the main storyline. This is guide is The Warrior’s Code Walkthrough to help players complete part of Act 1 in Ghost of Tsushima.


Ghost of Tsushima The Warrior’s Code Walkthrough Guide

Use the Guiding Winds to reach the Traveler’s Rest Inn. When you reach the location there will be Mongol Warriors outside standing outside the Inn. Initiate a standoff with him and take him down. Clear the area, even the Mongol guarding the door. There is chest outside the door with steel inside. Enter the door and find the forge. In the forge there is some steel to your left, grab it and exit. Soon two Mongols will appear so it’s time to kill them as well.

Find Yuna

Go past the Inn and use the Guarding Wind to find a house near the river. You will find Yuna there, speak to Yuna to trigger a cut-scenes. Yuna will then take you to the prison camp. Survey the prison camp by using the thumbstick to move the camera around and press X to analyze three possible entry points.

Enter the Camp and Find Taka

Use the unfinished gate to enter the camp with Yuna. After the cut-scenes end and clear the Mongol ahead. Soon a flashback will trigger so go through it. After the flashback kill the Mongols ahead using stealth assassination. There is another Mongol ahead and one by the horse. The next enemy is in front of roasted boar but wait for his friend to walk away from killing him. Now go left in the tent to find some Iron and then move to the Mongol sitting by the cell and take him out. The cell can be opened but the prisoner is not Taka.


Go to the biggest tent up the ramp but instead of going inside head right and kill the Mongol guarding a cell. Open the cell and free the Straw Hat Ronin. Finish your conversation with him and now move inside the large white tent. Inside you will fight a Mongol dual-wielding Swords. He is a hard hitter but easy to beat. Simply study his attacks, dodge, and counter. Grab the Conversations With Khan from the Throne and leave the tent. Now leave the camp and speak with Yuna and Straw Hat Ronin.  Ghost of Tsushima The Warrior’s Code main quest will end at this point.


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