Heavenly Strike is a mythic quest that players need to complete in order to learn the appropriately named attack, Heavenly Strike. Our Ghost of Tsushima The Heavenly Strike Mythic Quest Guide will help players how to learn the new attack and how to defeat Yasuhira Koga.


The Heavenly Strike Mythic Quest

Mythic Quests are side quests that allow players to learn new moves and earn new equipment. In the case of the Heavenly Strike mythic quest, players will learn the Heavenly Strike attack.

It’s a powerful attack that cuts through enemy defenses in one swipe. This attack unlocks once players complete the Heavenly Strike mythic quest in Ghost of Tsushima.

To start the Heavenly Strike mythic quest, players need to find the Yamato in the Izuhara region. The musician is located to the northeast of Komatsu Forge at the River Falls Bridge.


Talk to the Yamato and he’ll explain what the quest is about. Once players are done talking, follow the quest marker to the nearby bridge. Talk to the crying woman beneath the bridge and she’ll point players towards Yasuhira’s tracks.

The tacks will lead players to a Mongol camp. Clear the camp and talk to the kidnapped villagers. These villagers will lead players to the watchtower. Inspect the clues and then, talk to the woman outside. She’ll point players to the white-leafed tree.

This can get a bit confusing, instead of the going to the white-leafed tree at the top of Shigenori’s Peak, players need to go around the peak to a grove of white-leafed trees on the opposite side.

In the grove, players will find a small farm with Mongols who have captured Shigenori’s descendant. Kill the Mongols and the rescued boy will tell players that his grandfather was taken by Yasuhira to the Shigenori’s Rest.


Make your way towards the Shigenori’s Rest. Once players are there, head northeast to a small island with a small tree acting as a bridge. There will be more Mongol soldiers there and players need to clear this area.

After that, make your way to the highest point on the island which will be marked by a lot of swords sticking out of the ground. Study the clue located in the center and it’ll trigger the boss fight with Yasuhira Koga.

How To Defeat Yasuhira Koga

Yasuhira Koga has learned the Heavenly Strike. The boss likes fast attacks and here is how to beat him. The best strategy here is the defense.

Players need to wait for Yasuhira Koga to drop his guard and attack or players can throw him off balance with a well-timed parry.


When players see a red flash, they have to dodge the attack because this is the indication that Yasuhira Koga is using the Heavenly Strike. This attack can’t be blocked or parried.

Players need to dodge and the best way to do that is to strafe around him instead of leaping back. The Heavenly Strike has range and it’ll hit players if they lead back.

This is an honorable duel, which means players can’t use any items. Stone Stance is what players need to use against Yasuhira Koga. Wait for the opportunity and attack. He might be hard to hit but his health is not that much.

Once players have dealt enough damage, our protagonist, Jin, will have seen the Heavenly Strike. This means players can perform the Heavenly Strike strike.

A prompt will appear, players need to input the buttons that the prompt is asking to. Jin will perform the Heavenly Strike and the Heavenly Strike Mythic Quest will be complete.

That is all for our Ghost of Tsushima The Heavenly Strike Mythic Quest Guide with tips on how to defeat Yasuhira Koga and learn Heavenly Strike. For more on the game, also see our Pillars of Honor Locations Guide and All Bamboo Strikes Locations Guide.


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