After you complete The Warrior’s Code quest, the next mission is The Broken Blacksmith. Yuna is looking for her brother who is tracked to a prison camp in a town of Azamo Bay. We weren’t able to find Taka is the last quest so Yuna needs Jin’s help once again. In below is the complete walkthrough of Ghos of Tsushima The Broken Blacksmith quest.

Ghost of Tsushima The Broken Blacksmith Walkthrough

The first objective is to meet up with Yuna’s friend. When you reach the location go inside the large white door. Head inside and a small cut-scene will trigger. Wait for  Kenji to pack up his things before you can start traveling with him and Yuna. Follow Yuna and Kenji to the next village but make sure not to draw any unwanted attention.

When you reach a set of Mongols you need to hide inside Kenji’s cart to avoid being detected. Stay inside the cart when arriving at Azamo Bay stay inside the cart. Follow Yuna to the top of a building and without getting detected follow the Mongol target to reach Taka. There will be two guards in front of you, go left to avoid the Mongols. Use the environment to block their line of sight towards you and move forward.

When you reach the house in front of your go up the roof and keep following the Mongol slaver. Keep going and a cut-scene will trigger, after the cut-scene move to through the market by going around the building to your left. At one point the two Mongols will separate which gives you the perfect opportunity to kill.

Near the staircase there is a cage with a prisoner inside, hold R2 to release the prisoner. Now use the stairs and get behind the guard for an assassination. Now use the nearby long grass to reach the building where the Mongol slaver went.  Take Yuna and Taka and reach the North Gate of Azamo Bay. Do this by going up the crates and jumping over the gate, follow the road to meet up with Kenji. Moving forward you will come across a pack of Mongols running in one direction. You can fight them or hide in the long grass nearby. Reach safely with Yuna, Taka, and Kenji to complete The Broken Blacksmith quest in Ghost of Tsushima.

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