One of the most lethal weapons in Ghost of Tsushima is Jin’s Sakai Storm. In the game, you can customize Sakai Storm using various Sword Kits. Ghost of Tsushima players can find Sword Kits at various locations which we will discuss below.

Ghost of Tsushima All Sword Kits Locations

As I said, Sword Kits are items the player can use to customize Jin’s sword in the game. Collecting them all will also contribute toward the Sword kit objectives under Collections. The great thing about Sword Kit locations in Ghost of Tsushima is that while there are multiple areas where you can find them, there is one set location. Confused? Well, all over the Island Jin will find Pillar of Honors. Sword Kits are found at Pillar of Honors, special landmarks all over the Island.

According to the lore, Pillar of Honors are created to honor fallen Samurai. There is 23 Pillar of Honor locations in Ghost of Tsushima.

Sword Kits Locations 
Yasha’s  Embers  Head southeast of  Hiyoshi Springs village, it is at the opposite side of the bay from the Lighthouse 
Warrior’s Bush  East coast of  Airake, head toward the end of the unnamed peninsula pointing at Siblings Rocks 
Fuujin’s  Secret   North of Kaneda Intel, West of Castle Kaneda 
Mamushi  Venom   Sakimori  Overlook 
Genbu’s  Darkness  In the middle of  First General’s Field and Saicho’s Point in North-West Izuhara.
Twilight Oni  East of  Azamo  Bay on Wakaou’s Island 
Spring Bamboo  Shigenori’s Peak, in North Komatsu 
Breath of Hachiman  Southwest of Old Kanazawa Marsh, in East  Imugi 
Moon Bear’s Paw  Peninsula East of Hakutaku  Forest and further East from Akashima Village 
Gold Koi River  South of Old  Toyotama  Hills, North from Kushi Temple 
Warrior’s Faith  South of Coast of  Toyotam, South from Lady Sanjo’s Bridge 
Hijiki in Sunlight  Southwest from Kushi Temple 
Hunting Bear  West coast of  Otsuna, North of Yoshinaka Bay and South of the Shrine Path 
Duelling  Festival  East of the Old Togo Rice Fields, North from Castle Kaneda on the curved land 
Bishamon’s  Fortune  North of Little Monk’s Pond 
Yuzu Peel  Sibling Bay peninsula west from Omi Village 
Shogun’s Storm  Southwest of the Bitter Hills 
Azure Dragon  Northeast of Kin Village, top of the snowy mountain 
Hidden Forest  Cape Izumi on the East coastline 
Island’s Keeper  East-by-Southeast of  Jogaku Temple 
Sly Tanuki  Northeast of Iwai Village, end of the  peninsula 
Midnight  Hanabi  North Path from Kin Sanctuary, small island in the lake 
Tanuki’s Brush  Northwest of Mount  Jogaku, near the path going up from Jogaku Temple 

 How to Customize Jin’s Sword

Once you have Sword Kits you can not only customize Jin’s sword but also his knife. Open the pause menu and head to the Gear section. Select the Sakai Steel and use the item you want to customize. In the next menu, you will see all of the sword kits available. Equip the one you want to use.

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