Ghost of Tsushima Pillars of Honor are locations where you find the Sword Kits. There are 23 Pillars of Honor in the PS4 exclusive RPG. Finding all Pillars will allow you to customize Jin’s Sword and Knife. The customization is purely cosmetic and will have no impact on the stats of Jin’s sword and knife.

  • Izuhara Pillars of Honor
  • Toyotama Pillars of Honor
  • Kamiagata Pillars of Honor

Where to Find Ghost of Tsushima Pillars of Honor Locations

You can’t find all Pillars of Honor until you are able to unlock the entire map. So while Pillars of Honors aren’t tied to main quests, they are tied to your progression in Ghost of Tsushima.

Izuhara Pillars of Honor

There are 7 Pillars in the Izuhara region for you to find.

Location #1

Head southeast of Hiyoshi Springs village, it is at the opposite side of the bay from the Lighthouse.

Location #2

East coast of Airake, head toward the end of the unnamed peninsula pointing at Siblings Rocks.

Location #3

North of Kaneda Intel, West of Castle Kaneda.

Location #4

Go to the Sakimori Overlook.

Location #5

In the middle of First General’s Field and Saicho’s Point in North-West Izuhara.

Location #6

Each of Azamo Bay on Wakaou’s Island.

Location #7

Shigenori’s Peak, in North Komatsu.

Toyotama Pillars of Honor

There are 9 Pillars in the Toyotama regions.

Location #8

Southwest of Old Kanazawa Marsh, in East Imugi.

Location #9

Peninsula East of Hakutaku Forest and further East from Akashima Village.

Location #10

South of Old Toyotama Hills, North from Kushi Temple.

Location #11

South of Coast of Toyotama, South from Lady Sanjo’s Bridge.

Location #12

Southwest from Kushi Temple.

Location #13

West coast of Otsuna, North of Yoshinaka Bay and South of the Shrine Path.

Location #14

East of the Old Togo Rice Fields, North from Castle Kaneda on the curved land.

Location #15

North of Little Monk’s Pond.

Location #16

Sibling Bay peninsula west from Omi Village.

Kamiagata Pillars of Honor

There are 7 Pillars of Honor locations in Kamiagata regions of Ghost of Tsushima.

Location #17

Southwest of the Bitter Hills.

Location #18

Northeast of Kin Village, top of the snowy mountain.

Location #19

Cape Izumi on the East coastline.

Location #20

East-by-Southeast of Jogaku Temple.

Location #21

Northeast of Iwai Village, end of the peninsula.

Location #22

North Path from Kin Sanctuary, a small island in the lake.

Location #23

Northwest of Mount Jogaku, near the path going up from Jogaku Temple.

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