There are 19 Haiku that can be found in Ghost of Tsushima. Once found, these Haiku will provide you with Vanity Gear so that you bring about the fall of Mongol invasion in style. In this Ghost of Tsushima guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about the locations of all Haiku.


Ghost of Tsushima Haiku Locations

The best way of finding them is by liberating Mongol-controlled territories which should mark the locations of these Haiku on the map as question marks. Also, remember that you can always hunt for them after completing the campaign. With that said, the following are the locations of all the Haiku in Ghost of Tsushima:

Haiku #1 – Tsutsu
Vanity Gear: Headband of Death
It should be on a cliff overseeing the Ohama Fishing Village. You should take the southwest path from Lake Kunehama to arrive in the area.

Haiku #2 – Azamo
Vanity Gear: Headband of the Invasion
You’ll find this one sitting on a rock next to some waterfalls on the southeast of Kuta Grasslands.


Haiku #3 – Komatsu
Vanity Gear: Headband of Strife
You need to head over to Black Sands Inlet to find it. You can follow the passage toward the north of Takuzudama cemetery to come to it.

Haiku #4 – Kashine
Vanity Gear: Headband of Fear
You need to head over to the west side of Shigeroni’s Peak to find it in the woods.

Haiku #5 – Ariake
Vanity Gear: Headband of Refuge
It should be on one of the small islands in Lake Izuhara.

Haiku #6 – Komoda
Vanity Gear: Headband of Defeat
To find this one, you’ll need to head over to Wolf Club Falls. It should be on a cliff overlooking the lake.


Haiku #7 – Hiyoshi
Vanity Gear: Headband of Peace
You need to head over to the south side of Old Woodsman’s Canopy – it should be on a rock.

Haiku #8 – Hiyoshi Springs
Vanity Gear: N/A
You need to head over to Hiyoshi Springs village and speak with the NPC near the main inn to find it. You should be able to find it in the northern edge of the area.

Haiku #9 – Akashima
Vanity Gear: Headband of Uncertainty
This one is located on the south of Old Kanazawa Marsh.

Haiku #10 – Umugi
Vanity Gear: Headband of Perseverance
You need to travel to the east side of Moss Light Inn to find it amidst the Field of Equinox Flowers.


Haiku #11 – Otsuna
Vanity Gear: Headband of Survival
This one is located on the western side of Toyotama – near the Musashi Coast.

Haiku #12 – Kushi
Vanity Gear: Headband of Preservation
It should be near Benkei’s Falls, near the waterbody.

Haiku #13 – Kubara
Vanity Gear: Headband of Rebirth
To find this one, you’ll need to head over to the north side of Omi Lake and find it near a small waterbody.

Haiku #14 – Kin
Vanity Gear: Headband of Ruin
This one is located toward the west side of Iwai Village – fairly easy to spot.

Haiku #15 – Sago
Vanity Gear: Headband of Hope
You need to proceed to the northern edge of Guardian’s Ridge.

Haiku #16 – Jogaku
Vanity Gear: Headband of Strength
In order to find this one, you’ll need to head over to Whaler’s Coast.

Haiku #17
Vanity Gear: N/A
This one is obtained during Ghosts from the Past tale.

Haiku #18
Vanity Gear: N/A
You need to complete The Tale of Lord Shimura to find this one.

Haiku #19
Vanity Gear: N/A
To find the last one, you’ll need to complete “The Proud do not Endure” side tale.

These are the locations of all the Haiku in Ghost of Tsushima. Feel free to check out our Ghost of Tsushima wiki guides for more help on the game.