If you plan on playing as the Ghost in Ghost of Tsushima, it is best you get your hands on Ghost Weapons. These are specialized weapons for players who wish to play as a Ghost. Using Ghost Weapons you can outsmart enemies, hide in the shadows, and boost your infiltration skills. You can unlock Ghost Weapons in Ghost of Tsushima by investing technique points.


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How to Unlock Ghost of Tsushima Ghost Weapons

One thing to note here is that getting all of the Ghost Weapons will unlock the “Every Trick in the Book” trophy.


If you love to stagger enemies and perform quick kills invest in Kunai and upgrade fully. There are 3 Kunai Ghost Weapons upgrades in the game.

Weapons Effects How to Unlock
Kunai  Throw two Kunai to stagger enemies  1 Technique Point 
Hidden Blade  +1 Kunai  1 Technique Point 
Serrated Blades  Kunai Damage Boost  2 Technique Points, learn Hidden Blade 

Black Powder Bomb

Black Powder Bomb does explosive damage and can be upgraded to do additional damage, increase blast radius, and add shrapnel.

Weapons Effects How to Unlock 
Black Powder Bomb  Explosive that staggers and damages  1 Technique Point 
Explosive Shrapnel  Add Shrapnel to Black Powder Bomb  2 Technique Points and learn Concussive Blast 
Concussive Blast  Adds knockdown effect to the Black Powder Bomb  1 Technique Point and learn Black Powder Bomb 

 Smoke Bomb

Smoke Bombs are used to stun enemies and create smoke to hide, evade enemies when detected. Invest 1 technique point to unlock this Ghost Weapon in Ghost of Tsushima and later spend more points to upgrade.

Weapons  Effects How to Unlock 
Smoke Bomb  Create a dense smoke  1 Technique Point 
Healing Incense  Smoke restores health  1 Technique Point 
Blinding Dust  Adds blinding effect, smoke lasts longer  2 Technique Points and learn Blinding Dust 

 Sticky Bomb

Sticky Bomb allows you to throw a bomb that sticks to the enemy and does a decent amount of damage. You can upgrade the bomb to add a bigger blast radius and damage.

Weapons Effects How to Unlock 
Sticky Bomb  Throw a bomb that sticks to your enemies  1 Technique Points 
Explosive Power  Kills enemy and damage nearby enemies  2 Technique Points and learn Sticky Bomb 
Guarded Throw  Blast won’t damage you  1 Technique Point 

 Wind Chime

A ghost’s biggest strength is to use stealth and Wind Chime is a key element of that. Unlock Wind Chime to get access to items that help distract enemies so you can sneak past them.

Weapons Effects How to Unlock 
Wind Chime  Throw a bell to distract enemies  1 Technique Point 
Firecracker  Throw a firecracker to distract multiple enemies  1 Technique Point and learn Wind Chime 

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