While there is no news regarding PlayStation Experience 2019 we did just get the PlayStation’s State of Play December 2019. The highlight of the show was none-other than PS4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima. The long-awaited title got a brand new trailer teaser at the new State of Play.


The teaser trailer for Ghost of Tsushima serves as an appetizer for the full reveal at The Game Awards 2019. State of Play confirmed a full trailer reveal for Ghost of Tsushima for December 12. Sony and Sucker Punch will show new footage from Ghost of Tsushima that features a combat filled cut-scene and possibly a release date.

Interestingly, the teaser we saw shows our lead hero in a brand new outfit which means there will be multiple costume options for the player to choose from. Customization for armor and outfits is seemingly a big part of Ghost of Tsushima. We’ll hear more about the game at The Video Game Awards 2019, check out the teaser trailer below.

Ghost of Tsushima is expected to release sometime next year on PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro. Its release is rumored for PS5 as well but we’ll have to see where that goes.

PlayStation 5 is Sony’s next-generation console that is shaping up to be the most social gaming platform from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The console’s launch is set for holiday 2020 which is a safe bet for Ghost of Tsushima’s release date as well. However, the game’s arrival at The Video Game Awards might bring release date news and if that happens, we might get a Spring 2020 launch.

Sony keeping the release date for Ghost of Tsushima under wraps at The Video Game Awards would raise the possibility of a cross-platform release in Winter 2020.