Where are the Black and White Dye merchants in Ghost of Tsushima? Well, if you are planning to customize your character you then the best way to do this is to locate the dye merchant in Ghost of Tsushima. Dyeing the armor will make your character look more stylish during his conquest to kill the Mongols and take back the Island. To customize your armor pieces you need to gather flowers in the open world and trade with the dye merchants.


Dye merchants offer a range of different colors but black and white colors are mostly exclusive to two specific merchants. In this Ghost of Tsushima guide, we will reveal the locations of black and white dye merchants.

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  • Black Dye Merchant Location
  • White Dye Merchant Location

Where to FindĀ  – Ghost of Tsushima Black and White Dye Merchants

Finding both dye merchants won’t only help you customize your armor sets, you can also unlock the Monochrome Master trophy.


Unlocking the merchants is much easier once you get rid of the fog of war. There is an armor set you can use that is designed to increase the percentage of the fog of war removal. Use the Traveler’s Attire while exploring the map to remove more fog from the map.

Black Dye Merchant Location

Before you find the Black Dye Merchant you need to complete Act 2 of Ghost of Tsushima. The Merchant is hiding inside a cave in the North Yarikawa Stronghold. He will help you dye your armor black.

White Dye Merchant Location

The easiest merchant to find is the White Dye Merchant. You can find him after you complete the tutorial section with Yuna and get access to the open world in Act 1. You can find him in the North West, just South East of Komoda Town.

Hope this helps you find the dye merchants in Ghost of Tsushima. Let us know if you have any other tips and we will update the article with credit. Check out the Ghost of Tsushima Wiki for the more helpful content.



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