Update: This mount is no longer available in the game in 2023.


A new Wandering Ancient Mount has been introduced with the release of the Shadowlands patch 9.0.5 in World of Warcraft, and players have received a new free mount, winner of last year’s Mount poll, the Wandering Ancient. There are, however, still some players who have not received this reward because of some technical synchronization issues in the game.

World of Warcraft The Wandering Ancient Mount

To receive the Ancient Wandering Mount, players are required to have Shadowlands’ license in their account, but if you have only purchased the base game to play World of Warcraft Classic, you won’t receive it. You might also not receive it, even though you have the Shadowlands license, which happens because of some synchronization issues, it will be fixed, and you will receive your reward one day or so.

The Ancient Wandering Mount does not need to be accepted from the Battle.net website or the application, which means even if you are away or taking a break from the game, you will just have to go to the collections screen to collect it whenever you come back. This is a really good step by Blizzard to show a good gesture to its players.

How to Get

The Wandering Ancient Mount might have “Wandering” in its name, but it is always found in the same place in-game. To unlock this reward, you will simply have to go to the mounts tab in the collections screen, and the Wandering Ancient Mount will be shown there as a gift to be received. You will need to unwrap the package to unlock it.

Once unwrapped, it will always be shown there in the Collections menu. To mount this Ancient Tree, you will simply have to navigate to the Collections menu and then to the mounts and select the Wandering Ancient Mount and select mount.

That’s it! This was all you needed to know about how to unlock and mount the Wandering Ancient Mount in World of Warcraft.