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How to Get Rid of Ghosts in Two Point Hospital


Deceased patients returning as ghosts in Two Point Hospital can toss all your hard work down the drain if you aren’t careful enough. Regardless of where you’re in the game, you should always try to get of ghosts as soon as you possibly can, which is what this guide is all about.

Two Point Hospital Ghosts

You can’t keep everyone alive in Two Point Hospital. Treatment offered to your patients has a set success/fail ratio and sometimes, despite your best efforts, your patients will die.

Some of these patients, however, can return as ghosts whom you should try to get rid of them at the earliest. There’s no knowing as to which of your deceased patient has a tendency to return as a ghost since it’s all very random.

What you should, however, know is that ghosts can scare your living patients and even hospital management. People scared by ghosts roaming around your hospital receive a negative trait called “Scared of Ghost”.

Scared of Ghost / Ectoplasm

This negative trait continues to decrease the happiness of the affected individuals and, if not controlled, can spread through the entire hospital within a short period of time. Due to this, you need to take care of them immediately.

Aside from “Scared of Ghost” negative trait, ghosts that are allowed to freely roam around a hospital can also drop Ectoplasm in different areas. You must advise your janitors to clean it up lest you’ll fail the Health Inspection.

One good tip to keep in mind is if the Ectoplasm is from a ghost whose patient died from a disease you’re researching, you should bring its Ectoplasm to the Research Lab to study it further and bolster your research on the disease.

How to Get Rid of Ghosts

When it comes to capturing ghosts and getting rid of them, your janitors again come in. The special type of janitors. Some janitors in Two Point Hospital, with the “Ghost Capture” trait, can capture ghosts for you.

Specialized in capturing ghosts, these janitors have the ability to find ghosts lurking in the hospital on their own and get rid of them using their highly advanced Autopsychic Ghost Suction tech.

I should also mention it here that these specialized janitors should be tasked with capturing ghosts only instead of other chores.

I’d also ask you to try to look for one of these at the very beginning of the game because even if one ghost appears at the start, it’ll ruin your entire early game.

This is everything we’ve got in our guide to getting rid of ghosts in Two Point Hospital. For more on the game, check out our Two Point Hospital Wiki.

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