Destiny 2 Season 19 or Season of the Seraph is live now and guardians can grind for new weapons. The Prolonged Engagement is a new Stasis SMG that you can get and since Stasis has been buffed this season, you might want to get it as well. This Destiny 2 guide covers how you can get the Prolonged Engagement SMG and its god roll.

Last updated on January 9th, 2023 at 01:48 am

Getting The Prolonged Engagement SMG In Destiny 2

The Prolonged Engagement SMG can only be obtained by taking part in the Vanguard activities: Vanguard Operations, Nightfall Strikes, and Grandmaster Nightfalls. Once you finish one of these activities, there is a chance that you will get the SMG from the chest at the end. If time is an issue and you want to get one as fast as possible then you should play the normal Vanguard Operations playlist. Each strike can be completed in under 10 minutes allowing you to run through them fairly quickly.

Prolonged Engagement is the featured Vanguard weapon in Season 19, so it has a higher drop rate than other vanguard weapons. So you should be able to get one in a couple of runs. Keep doing the Vanguard activities until you get one.

Destiny 2 Prolonged Engagement God Roll

If you have the right rolls, Prolonged Engagement has the potential to be one of the best PvE weapons that you can get in Destiny 2. The perks that you are looking for are Subsistence and Frenzy. Subsistence will partially reload the weapon from its reserves when you kill multiple enemies. Frenzy increases reload speed, stability, handling, and accuracy once you are in a fight for a specific period of time.

This is how you can get Prolonged Engagement in Destiny 2 and the perks that you should have for it to be a god roll. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how you can get the Exotic Catalyst for Hierarchy of Needs. For more content, check out our Destiny 2 guides hub.

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