Since the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher has got so popular CDPR decided to add its content to the Witcher 3 as part of the next-gen update. This includes an alternate look for Dandelion from the Netflix series. In this Witcher 3 guide, we go over how you can get the Dandelion skin from the Netflix show.

Getting The Netflix Dandelion Skin In Witcher 3

The new Netflix-inspired skin has a new outfit for Dandelion but it is not Joey Batey’s face. The hair and outfit are similar to the Netflix series though. To get the new look, you can head into the pause menu and head into options, and then gameplay. Here you will see the option to toggle Dandelion’s skin. You can switch between the default vanilla look or the Netflix-inspired look.

You will also see an option to switch to the Nilfgaardian Armor inspired by the Netflix series. If you are playing the game for the first time then you might want to check this out too. If you have already played the game then you might not want this option enabled.

CDPR also confirmed in a recent live stream that Yennefer will get a new outfit. But we have not yet seen it officially. It might be similar to the Netflix series or something else entirely. This is something that we will find out after the next-gen update goes live. The devs did not talk about Ciri, so she might not get any new outfits. CDPR did mention that some hidden gems and content have been added to the game that has not been mentioned in the patch notes. So these secrets and eastereggs should be interesting to discover.

This is how you can get the alternate skin for Dandelion from Netflix in The Witcher 3. If you are interested in learning more about the update then you can check out our guide on the mods that have been confirmed to work with the next-gen update. Let us know what you think about the next-gen update and whether or not you are interested in checking out the new version of the game.

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