The most important resource in Stronghold Warlords is Gold. You can use Gold to recruit troops, trade resources, and build structures in your cities. Gold is stored in your treasury and can be accessed anytime. Your Gold is safe in the treasure as long as you don’t lose a game. But even if you don’t lose Gold, you’ll still be using it every so often and would need to get more of it. In this quick guide, I will explain everything you need to know on how to get more Gold in Stronghold Warlords.


Stronghold Warlords: How to Get More Gold

There are 4 primary ways to get more gold:

  1. Market
  2. Treasury
  3. Killing Other Players
  4. Estates


The market is the place where you trade and gather resources. You need the Market for resource exchanges. Every resource must be traded manually and you can sell batches of resources to get more Gold. As you progress in the game, the Market trades are handled automatically.


Treasury is where you store your Gold in Stronghold Warlords. Every transaction you make is routed through the Treasury so this Government building is where the Kingdom’s Gold and Gold-related matters are handled. Gold is safe in the Treasure for the most part but if you lose a game or an enemy sends a thief, your Gold can be stolen. However, you can also deploy a thief to steal Gold from other players.

Kill Other Players

When an enemy lord is killed, the player delivering the final blow gets a portion of his stock and 1/5 of his Gold.


Village and castle estates give you 10 Gold every month automatically.

Using the above-mentioned 4 methods you can get more Gold in Stronghold Warlords. Need more help? Check out beginner’s tips, Warlords perks, Warlords system, Diplomacy, how to manage Popularity.