The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update is now live and CDPR has included content from the Netflix Witcher series, including the armor that Henry Cavill wore. In this Witcher 3 guide, we go over how you can get Henry Cavill’s Witcher for Geralt.

Last updated on May 3rd, 2023 at 01:36 pm

Get Henry Cavill’s Armor (Forgotten Wolf Armor) In The Witcher 3

Henry Cavill’s Witcher armor from the Netflix series is called the Forgotten Wolf armor in The Witcher 3. You need to be at least level 7 in order to attempt the quest. The quest has a challenging fight so be sure to have some points in Quen and Yrden. You should also have healing items and potions such as Thunderbolt, and White Honey.

We also recommend completing the Keira Metz storyline. The lamp that she gives you highlights spirits and can be very helpful.

The quest you want to start to get the Forgotten Wolf armor in The Witcher 3 is called In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow. This can be found at the Devil’s Pit, which is east of Mulbrydale.

This is where you will meet Deacon, an eternal fire priest that needs your help in clearing a spirit from the caves. You will need to clear the area and defeat the bandits. Enemies will be level 9.

You then need to go to the large double doors leading to the cave system. You can use your Witcher senses to get all the clues.

Reinald’s Letters

You will need to find Reinald’s letters. When you enter the cave, climb onto the ledge and head forward for a bit until you see stairs to your right. Go up the stairs to find the first note from Reinald. You will also find the Greater Glyph of Yrden.

Now go back down, and you will find a second note on the door. Pass through the doors, and you will find a Wolf school insignia on the left side. Head past this, and you will find a doorway. Use Keira’s lamp on it to reveal lore.

You can then head back down the stairs to get to the fork in the path. Go right, and you will find yourself in a room with plague victims. Now you need to exit via the doors and get up the platforms to find the letter on the door. Now you can head back to where the path split into two and head left. You can use your Witcher senses to find more wolf insignias.

For now, you should ignore the voices telling you where to go. Proceed forward and cross the bridge to find another letter from Reinald and a glyph.

Double back and turn around to find a platform you can jump onto. Go up, and you will find some loot. Now jump down into the pool and head under the bridge. Keep to the right, and you will find another doorway with an insignia. You will find another plague victim here. Head into the pit and through the door at the backside of the room to find a wall that you can climb and another Yrden glyph along with an insignia.

Jump across the gap to the lab and find the Forgotten Priest’s Testament. Take the door to the left and stay on the left to find another letter from Reinald and an additional glyph. Head back to the fork and take e aright, and you will overlook a pit. At this point we recommend you save the game and meditate. Have your gear repaired too. You will be fighting 4 plague victims here.

Once you finish the fight, you will see a shack with an insignia. Go up the wall on your right to find Reinald’s chambers and his letter. You will learn about making Reinald’s Philter. Once you have made the potion, you must be ready for another encounter with the plague victims.

How To Beat The Red Miasmal

Once you have defeated the plague victims, proceed forward until you reach the stairs leading to a chamber. We recommend you save here and get ready for a challenging battle. In the chamber, you will find Reinald trapped in salt stalagmites. You can use Aard to set him free.

Henry Cavill's Witcher Armor

Once you have seen the cutscene you will be given a choice. You can either give him the potion or keep it for yourself. If you do decide to give it to him then he slaps it out of your hand and it is wasted. You should keep it since it gives you a buff against the boss. If you do keep it then Geralt will drink it on his own.

Reinald or The Red Miasmal has three health segments in his health bar and he is very quick. You can use Yrden to slow him. Beware of his Quen (red glow) which will explode and damage you if you are too close. Protect yourself with Quen and use your signs to deal damage and gain the upper hand.

Use Yrden and when the boss is in the circle, use Aard to deal damage. Note that the boss can regenerate his health, so you need to keep dealing damage and get his fight over with as soon as you can. Once you defeat Reinald you will need to fight the Red Miasmal itself.

You can use the same tactics for the Red Miasmal. Watch out for the melee attacks and its Igni moves. The boss moves slowly and you can see when it is about to attack which makes the encounter a bit easier. The Red Miasmal can teleport itself. So if it disappears then you should dodge it in order to avoid taking damage and being taken by surprise.

The boss can summon plague victims that will fight you but these are less aggressive than the ones that you already fought so dealing with them is not going to be much of a problem. You can focus on the Red Miasmal since killing it will make the minions go away.

What You Should Do With Reinald’s Body?

Once you have defeated The Red Miasmal, you will have a chat with Reinald’s ghost. Reinald wants to walk to Deacon and Geralt wants to burn him on a pyre, which will condemn his soul. To get the best ending you should pick the options; Not all priests are wicked, and Don’t need a church to do good, priest.

Once all this is done, you will be able to craft the base Forgotten Wolf armor when you reach level 20. You can also find enhanced diagrams but you will need to unlock and head to Kaer Morhen in order to get them.

This is how you can get Henry Cavill’s Witcher armor in the Witcher 3 next-gen update. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how you can transfer your Witcher 3 save from PS4 to PS5. You can also check out our guide on how you can get the Ursine Armor.

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