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How To Get All Slab Abilities In Deathloop


In Deathloop your character is not very tanky. If you make a mistake and there are too many enemies around you then you are going to die and the loop is going to reset. Slab abilities are going to allow you to overcome that and make killing enemies easier and more fun. In this Deathloop guide, we are going to go over how you can unlock all the different Slab Abilities.

Unlocking Slab Abilities In Deathloop

In order to unlock the different Slab Abilities in Deathloop, you need to kill specific enemies that drop said slabs. the following are the different slabs that you can get in the game along with the time, location and enemies you can get them from.

Slab Name Enemy Drop Time  Place
Shift Slab  Charlie Noon Updaam
Nexus Slab Harriet Morning Karl’s Bay
Karnesis Slab  Alexis Evening Updaam
Havoc Slab  Fia Noon Fristad Rock
Aether Slab Egor Evening The Complex

The following are the different Slab Abilities and what they allow you to do:

Ability Name Description
Shift Allows you to teleport short distances.
Nexus Strings three enemies together.
Karnesis Allows you to pick up and throw objects and enemies.
Havoc Creates a lot of destruction.
Aether Allows you to become invisible for a short duration of time.
Chain Link Ties two people together. If one is killed, the other will die too.

This is how you can unlock the different Slab Abilities in Deathloop. To learn more about the game check out our endings guide. You can also check out our Deathloop guides hub for more content related to the game.

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