Rosaria has popped up again on the Kazuha banner in Genshin Impact. If you missed her entirely or need her constellations then now is your chance. If you do get her then you are going to need to know how you should build her. In this Genshin Impact guide, we are going to go over the best build for Rosaria.

If you are summoning for Rosaria then we recommend getting C2 or C4. At C2 her ultimate ability time increases by 4 seconds, this means more damage and more time to synergize attacks with other characters. At C4 she gets better energy recharge.

Best Build For Rosaria In Genshin Impact

Rosaria can do a lot of damage but you can also use her as a sub DPS as her ultimate ability increases the crit of other characters in the party but does not affect Rosaria herself. The following are the weapons and artifacts that we recommend for a Rosaria build in Genshin Impact.

Best Weapons

The best weapons for Rosaria are Staff of Homa and Priomodial Jade. These are paid weapons so you will need to spend on the weapons banner if you do not already have them. Homa increases HP and gives Rosaria attack bonus depending on her HP.

Primordial Jade boost attack by 3.2% for 6 seconds on hit. This can stack 7 times and occurs every 0.3 seconds. You get an additional 7% attack when you get max stacks. Vortex Vanquisher is another 5-star weapon that we can recommend. It has base attack and 10.8% attack%.

If you are not interested in spending money then you can craft the Crescent Pike. This has a base attack of 44 and has a physical damage bonus %. You can also get the battle pass Pokearm if you are a light spender.

Best Artifacts

For the artifacts, we recommend going for a 4 piece Blizzard Strayer set that is going to give you a 15% Cryo Damage Bonus. It also increases the crit rate if you attack an enemy that is affected by cryo. If the enemy is frozen then the crit rate is increased by an additional 20%. This makes Rosaria very powerful indeed.

If you do not want to go for the freezing route then we can recommend the 4-piece Gladiator’s Finale set. This gives you an 18% attack bonus. If the wielder uses a polearm then you get extra 35% normal attack damage. Which is a massive bonus for Rosaria.

This is the build that we recommend for Rosaria in Genshin Impact. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our Bennett Build guide.

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