Each new area in Genshin Impact comes with a plethora of World Quests and other activities to do. Many of the quests are optional including the World Quests. Still, they can often be not only key to your character progression but also offer exclusive rewards if players manage to solve the intricate puzzles.

One such quest is Dual Evidence, which is available in the Gilded Desert of Sumeru. In this quest, players are tasked with finding evidence to support Tirzad’s research and obtaining three clearances while traversing through the ruins.

The Place of Breath is one of the clearance spots that players must complete, and it goes without saying that it is a tough challenge. But rest assured, in this guide; we will go through each step you need complete to successfully overcome the Place of Breath in Genshin Impact.

Place of Breath Description: Those who ascent to Aaru no longer know what it is to sigh, and their words shall come out of all joy, while their ears shall be filled with the great deeds of King Deshret and glad, bird-singing.

How to Get to Place of Breath Location

Image Showing the Location of Place of Breath

In order to obtain full clearance in the Desert area of Genshin Impact, complete the Dual Evidence quest. To access this quest, you must first unlock the Gilded Desert and complete the Golden Slumber quest line, which can be obtained from either Katheryne of Sumeru or Bonifaz in Aaru Village.

Once the Dual Evidence quest is available, get three clearances, with the Place Of Swallowing being the first. You can choose to play Place of Swallowing first if you want to.

To start the Place Of Breath clearance, make your way to the Teleport Waypoint and reach the Khemenu Temple, where the Place of Breath will start.

How to Complete Place of Breath

Turn left and then right to enter the room.
Go into this room and use the switch to open the door on the right.

When you enter the Khemenu Temple, a set path/sequence will take you to the big room. When you reach the big room, turn left and then right around the side of the central platform. To your left should be a room that will take you to a giant door you can open with a switch.

Glide down the shaft.

How to Solve the Beam Puzzle

The door leads to a shaft that you can use to glide to the first puzzle area. The goal is to break the giant rock that’s in the left corner of the puzzle room to reveal the crystal. Then guide the laser toward the crystal to open the door.

Break open the rock to reveal the crystal.
Direct the beam to the crystal to solve the beam puzzle.

Use Kaedehara kazuha to break open the rock and direct the laser to the crystal to solve the Beam Puzzle. Go through the newly opened door, head down the stairs, and grab the crystal that should be to your right.

Take the prism shown in the image.
Take the prism to the blue platform shown in the image.

Guide the prism back into the beam puzzle room and place it in the don’t the blue flowing platform. Now guide the beam toward the new prism by interacting with the middle pedestal. This will stop the fan and gives way to the blue orb.

Note: Getting the prism from the outside and guiding it to the blue platform to stop the fan is an optional puzzle. You can open the first door after breaking a giant rock and move on to the next area. However, for the sake of comprehension, it was best to let you know everything about the Place of Breath.

Enter cave shown in the image after jumping down the crack.
Go through the gateway shown in the image.
Sekhem Hall

You can follow the orb around for some optional steps, but to continue the main path in Place of Breath, glide down the crack in the floor and enter the cave. Keep following the quest marker to reach one area that leads up to a big gateway guarded by a Primal Construct. As you progress further, you should see a Teleport Waypoint with Sekhem Hall on the other side.

Head through the first door to your right and proceed straight down the pathway to your left. Along the way, you can snag a Sacred Seal to your left by removing the barrier with the book, but it’s not mandatory for the quest. Simply continue straight until you come across another blue orb pedestal. You can open the door on your left to return to the main hall.

Next, activate the blue orb and trail it as it leads you down through a hole. On the lower level, keep following the path as it passes through a glowing platform. This platform will blink for a few seconds before vanishing into thin air. You can locate the orb below, but a fan will block its path. If the orb collides with the fan while operational, it’ll shatter and return to the pedestal on this level.

Upon entering the room, you’ll notice a book to your left that can deactivate the fan. Proceed to trail the orb as it passes through another platform that’ll crumble, leading you to the room with an obstructed pedestal. Deal with the enemies and continue following the orb until you reach the main pillar chamber, where it’ll be submitted into its designated pillar.

After you’ve killed two Primal Constructs, a blue orb will manifest on the previously obstructed pedestal. Follow it to the main room to illuminate a duo of pillars. After that, you’ll require one more blue orb.

Returning to the room with the Primal Constructs, a blue book will unlock the door to your right. Step into this room and use the elevator on your right-hand side. This will transport you to the blue orb above and head to the main room. Upon submitting all three orbs, you’ll complete the Place of Breath in Genshin Impact.

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