Gears 5 multiplayer has several different modes that you can explore. These Gears 5 multiplayer modes include Arcade Deathmatch, Escalation and King of the Hill. Here we are going to take a brief look into what each of these modes has to offer.


It is worth mentioning that in ranked games you will need to pick your weapons but in non-ranked games, you are assigned weapons from the start. You can increase your rank by completing set objectives and each rank has a specific reward. At the end of each match, you will get experience points which depend on how well your match went.

Gears 5 Multiplayer Modes In 2023

Here is what you need to know about the different multiplayer modes in Gears 5:

Arcade Deathmatch

A straightforward multiplayer game with two teams of five battling each other. The objective is simple – the first team to reach 50 kills wins. Arcade introduces unique elements like passive skills, specific character loadouts, and a skulls system, where players can trade skulls earned from kills or assists for power weapons


A more strategic mode featuring two teams of five in a series of 13 rounds. The goal is to win 7 rounds by capturing and controlling three areas on the map. Points are scored by holding these areas, with a round win achievable either by reaching 250 points first or by capturing all territory points. The game allows players to choose and place weapons between rounds, adding a layer of strategy.

King of the Hill

Teams compete to control designated zones on the map. Points are awarded to the team controlling the area, with the first team to reach 180 points winning. The location of the control zone changes periodically throughout the match.


A three-player co-op mode where teams navigate through a map, combating enemies while evading a deadly poison cloud. This mode blends combat with a sense of urgency and strategy, requiring players to use a mix of offensive and passive skills effectively​.

Arms Race

Teams of five compete to get three kills with each of 13 different weapons. This mode requires versatility and proficiency with various weapon.


A team-based mode where eliminated players can only rejoin the game by their teammates scoring a kill and surviving for an additional five seconds. This mode adds a unique twist to the traditional elimination gameplay​.

Team Deathmatch (TDM)

Two teams vie to reach the elimination target first. It’s a direct and intense mode focusing on team-based combat.


Similar to Team Deathmatch but with a strategic twist. Teams must protect their captain while attempting to eliminate the opposing team’s captain​.


A high-stakes mode where teams compete to eliminate the opposing team members. Each player has only one life per round, emphasizing careful gameplay and team coordination.


Similar to Warzone, but with a key difference – downed players revive at the end of their bleed-out time, adding a layer of strategy to the elimination process.

Are People Still Playing Gears 5 Multiplayer In 2023?

The player activity in “Gears 5” multiplayer in 2023 shows a mix of trends, with certain indications of a dwindling player base but also signs of a consistent group of dedicated players. On the Steam platform, “Gears 5” experienced a peak of over 10,000 concurrent players at launch but saw a significant decline shortly thereafter. Two months post-launch, the game rarely reached 1,000 concurrent players. This decline was notable and indicative of a decreasing player base on PC, especially on Steam.

Gears 5 Steam player base data of past 12 months.
Gears 5 Steam player base data of past 12 months.

Despite the decline on Steam, “Gears 5” had considerable success on Xbox. Initially, it set a new first-party sales record for Xbox One and was even more popular than Fortnite for a period. However, it later dropped in popularity, sitting at 29th on the Xbox One’s “most played games” chart at the time of the report. This suggests that while the game had a strong launch on Xbox, its popularity has somewhat waned over time​.

In 2023, the average monthly active player count on Steam has fluctuated. In the last 30 days, the average was 231.65 players, with a 24-hour peak of 936 players. This shows a decrease of 18.74% from the previous month. However, there have been months with positive gains in player counts, indicating a somewhat steady but small player base. For example, in October 2023, there was an increase of 14.65% in average players compared to September 2023. This data suggests that while the overall trend might show a decline, there is still a consistent group of players engaging with the game.

Looking at global real-time player estimates, as of the latest update, there were 2,479 players online. This figure is an estimate of how many people are playing “Gears 5” globally in real-time, suggesting that there is still a notable number of active players worldwide​.

Despite the fluctuations, “Gears 5” has maintained a consistent player base on Steam. The game reached its all-time peak shortly after launch, and over the past three months, the average active players have been steady, with a slight increase. This indicates an enduring popularity among a dedicated group of players.

This marks the end of our Gears 5 multiplayer modes guide. Stay tuned for more Gears 5 guides.