Gears 5 Jack Abilities and Ultimate Abilities Guide – How to Upgrade, Best Abilities, Cost

Gears 5 Jack abilities and ultimate abilities

Gears 5 aka Gears of War 5 brings back some of your favorite characters such as Kait Diaz, Del Walker, and JD and Marcus Fenix. But Gears 5 bring you, Jack, as well, your trusty and highly useful robot sidekick. Jack comes with a range of abilities and ultimate abilities to give the player an edge in battle.

Jack’s skills and abilities include 11 base abilities and 7 ultimate abilities. There is a skill tree that you can explore to upgrade Jack’s abilities for maximum damage.

Gears 5 Abilities and Ultimate Abilities

Following is the list of base Jack abilities.

  • Flash
  • Pulse
  • Health
  • Shock Trap
  • Stim
  • Stealth
  • Hijack
  • Cloak
  • Zapper
  • Barrier
  • Core

In this section, we will discuss each ability and its upgrades.

Jack Base Abilities

Flash – Jack puts out a flash that stuns the nearby enemies. Following  are the grades for Flash:

  • Faster Recharge – 25% faster recharge
  • Range Boost – 50% Range increase
  • Flash Freeze (Ultimate) – Freezes nearby enemies
  • Concussive – Flash deals moderate damage

Pulse – Helps locate nearby enemies with a Pulse discharge. Following are the upgrades for Pulse ability.

  • Range Boost – 50% Range increase
  • Expanded Targeting Array – 2x duration of Pulse outlines
  • Marked for Death (Ultimate) – 20% more damage to Pulsed enemies.
  • Detect Pickups – Weapons and ammo detected with Pulse

Shock Trap – Jack puts down a trap to electrify enemies. Following are the upgrades for Shock Trap.

  • Improved capacitor – 50% more shock trap duration
  • Ensnare – Trap will slow enemies down
  • Seeker (Ultimate) – Shock bots will chase enemies and deal double damage.
  • Multi-trap – You can place a second Shock Trap

Health – Upgrades Jack’s health and ability to heal allies. Following are the ability upgrades for Health.

  • Repair Boost – Jack fixes itself faster
  • Self Revive – Jack can revive himself faster
  • Revive command – Jack can be used to revive downed teammates
  • Osmium Plating – Increase HP Pool

Stealth – Upgrades for Jack’s stealth abilities.

  • Stealth Thruster – Cloaked while boosting
  • Reactive Stealth – Faster re-cloaks
  • Stealth Fetch – Cloaked while carrying weapons
  • Stealth Shielding – Take less damage when cloaked

Stim – Jack offers a temporary armor boost. Following are the upgrades for Stim ability.

  • Faster Recharge – 25% faster recharge
  • Duration – 2 seconds more Stim duration
  • Brawler (Ultimate) – 3x Melee damage while Stimmed
  • Revive – Stim will revive downed enemies

Hijack – Jack can temporarily hacks an enemy/ Following are the upgrades for Hijack.

  • Duration – 30% longer Hijack
  • Stim Target – Stims the enemy when controlled
  • Detonator Implant (Ultimate) – The Hijacked enemy will explode when dead
  • Faster Recharge – Hijack recharge is faster

Cloak – Jack temporarily Cloaks allies. Following are the upgrades for Cloak.

  • Agility – Cloaked allies move 15% faster
  • Extend – Kills extends Cloak’s duration
  • Faster Recharge – Zapper will recharge 15% faster
  • Slayer (Ultimate) – Remain Cloaked for the full duration even while shooting

Zapper – improve the Zapper Jack’s ability. Following are the upgrades for Zapper ability.

  • Arc Booster -Increase Zapper range
  • Improved Capacitor – Longer Zapper duration
  • Cascading Energy – More Zapper Damage the longer it hits the enemy
  • Beam Splitter – Hit multiple enemies

Core – Boost core systems of Jack. Following are the Core system upgrades you can make.

  • Fetch Heavy – List heavy weapons
  • Sharpshooter – Headshot kills recharge abilities
  • Savage – Kill recharge abilities slightly faster
  • Executioner – Executions recharge Jack’s abilities

Barrier – Temporary one-way energy shield for allies. Following are the barrier upgrades.

  • Duration – 50% duration increase
  • Deflect Bullets -Deflects bullets
  • Deadly Overload (Ultimate) – Barrier explodes to deal damage
  • Bulwark – Barrier size increased

Cost of Ability Upgrades

Like mentioned above there are 11 total abilities and 7 ultimate abilities of Jack. Each ability has four upgrades and three must be bought before the ultimate ability is unlocked.

You need to find 273 components to upgrade jack and 289 to upgrade to the point of Ultimate. Each ability can give you great bonuses that give you an edge in combat. You can upgrade each ability via Jack’s skill tree.

This marks the end of our Gears 5 abilities and ultimate abilities guide for more help check out Act 2 collectibles locations.