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Gears 5 Horde Mode Ultimate Abilities And Characters Ranked

Horde Mode in Gears of War 5 is one of the most popular game modes in the franchise. Similar to previous iterations, Gears 5 also has a Horde Mode with 12 playable characters. Each of these characters has a unique Ultimate Ability that can change the outcome of a round if used correctly. In this Gears 5 Horde Mode Ultimate Abilities Guide, we’ve shared the effects and tips to use all the Ultimate Abilities in the game.

What Are Gears 5 Horde Mode Ultimate Abilities

In Gears 5 Horde Mode, Ultimate Abilities play a pivotal role. These abilities are unique to each character and offer a significant edge in combat. Unlike other game mechanics, Ultimate Abilities charge over time and, once ready, can be deployed to unleash powerful effects that can turn the tide of battle. They range from devastating attacks to tactical advantages, such as invisibility or healing powers.

This concept may remind players of similar mechanics in games like Overwatch, where characters have signature moves that charge up during gameplay. However, in Gears 5, these abilities are tailored to fit the gritty and intense world of the game, adding a layer of depth and strategy to the Horde Mode.

Each character in the game has a distinct Ultimate Ability that aligns with their role and playstyle. For example, a character focused on offense might have an ability that deals massive damage, while a support character might have an ability that aids in healing or defense.

All Horde Mode Abilities Ranked

1. Camouflage (Kait)

Camouflage (Kait)

Camouflage is Kait’s Ultimate Ability in Gears 5 Horde Mode. Upon activation, Kait becomes nearly invisible, blending seamlessly with her surroundings. This ability doesn’t have any additional complex features, focusing purely on stealth.

Camouflage is a game-changer for infiltration and surprise attacks. The near-invisibility allows Kait to navigate through enemy lines undetected, making it perfect for executing quick, stealthy takedowns. It’s particularly effective in scenarios where discreet movement or a stealth approach is essential, such as:

  • Rescuing downed teammates from amidst enemy forces without being noticed.
  • Infiltrating enemy positions to perform executions or gather intelligence.
  • Evading tough situations when outnumbered or outgunned.

Strategies and Tips

  • Team Coordination: Communicate with your team when using Camouflage to coordinate attacks or rescues.
  • Positioning: Move strategically while invisible, using cover to plan your route and avoid accidental encounters.
  • Timing: Use Camouflage at the right moment, especially when you need to change the tide in challenging waves.
  • Execution Focus: While invisible, focus on taking down high-value targets or those posing the greatest threat.

Keep an eye on the duration of the invisibility. Once it wears off, Kait can quickly become the center of enemy attention. Avoid straying too far from your team. If caught alone when the ability ends, Kait can be easily overwhelmed.Higher difficulty enemies may still detect Kait if she gets too close, so maintain a safe distance.

2. Drop-Shield (Emile)

Drop-Shield (Emile)

Drop-Shield is used by Emile. Upon activation, you’ll call a dome-shaped shield that will prevent any incoming damage. It’s a pretty good defensive ability that you can use to protect your squad and yourself. One important thing is that the Drop-Shield won’t let anyone deal damage outside so this is something you need to keep in mind.

Drop-Shield is essential for situations where immediate protection is needed. It’s ideal for:

  • Providing a safe haven during heavy enemy fire or when the team is overwhelmed.
  • Creating a temporary defensive position to regroup or strategize.
  • Protecting the team while reviving downed allies.

Strategies and Tips

  • Strategic Placement: Deploy the Drop-Shield in locations where it can provide maximum benefit, such as choke points or open areas lacking cover.
  • Team Coordination: Inform your team when you’re about to deploy the Drop-Shield so they can take advantage of the protection.
  • Defensive Posturing: Use the shield to stabilize the situation, especially when facing boss waves or large enemy groups.

While the Drop-Shield is excellent for defense, it prevents players inside from dealing damage to the outside. This should be factored into its usage, as it can temporarily reduce your team’s offensive capabilities. Be aware of the shield’s duration and size. It’s crucial to exit the shield before it disappears to avoid sudden exposure to enemy fire. Some enemies may enter the shield or use area-of-effect attacks. Be prepared to deal with intruders or to vacate the shield if necessary.

3. Hologram (KAT-B320)

Hologram (KAT-B320)

The Hologram is used by KAT-B320. KAT-B320 is able to create a projection that travels in a defined path and takes off the heat of you. All the nearby enemies will start shooting the projection, giving you some breathing room and letting you finish them off.

While it can work in a few different situations, it’s not an incredibly useful ability as far as Ultimate Abilities go. The duration for which the projection stays is small and enemies will immediately start shooting back at you as soon as the projection disappears.

The Hologram is best used in situations where diversion is necessary. It’s effective for:

  • Diverting enemy attention, allowing the team to reposition or escape from tight spots.
  • Creating an opening for offensive maneuvers, such as flanking or surprise attacks.
  • Temporarily reducing the pressure on your team during intense combat situations.

Strategies and Tips

  • Decoy Deployment: Choose the path of the hologram wisely. It should lead enemies away from your team or towards a trap.
  • Timing and Coordination: Use the hologram in conjunction with team attacks. As enemies are distracted, coordinate a counter-attack or move to advantageous positions.
  • Escape and Rescue: Deploy the hologram to safely approach and revive downed teammates or to cover your retreat in overwhelming situations.

The hologram doesn’t last very long, and enemies will refocus their attention once it disappears. Plan your actions within this brief window. On higher difficulty levels, some enemies may not be fully fooled by the hologram or may quickly shift focus back to the players. The hologram is most effective in open areas where enemies can clearly see and be lured by it.

4. Living Legend (Marcus)

Living Legend (Marcus)

Used by Marcus, Living Legend has to be our favorite Ultimate Ability in the game. Upon activation, Marcus will automatically start scoring headshot kills without even having to properly aim at the head. Although you probably won’t benefit much from it if you’ve got decent aim, but I can see it working, especially on consoles.

Living Legend is a powerful offensive tool, particularly effective in these scenarios:

  • Engaging large groups of enemies, where rapid target elimination is crucial.
  • Taking on tougher enemies or bosses, where headshots are significantly more damaging.
  • Holding off enemy advances during critical moments, especially when overwhelmed.

Strategies and Tips

  • Ammo Management: Ensure Marcus has enough ammunition before activating Living Legend, as it’s an opportunity for intense firing.
  • Weapon Choice: Utilize weapons that benefit most from headshots, such as the Lancer or other high-rate-of-fire guns.
  • Positioning: Position Marcus in locations where he has clear lines of sight to multiple enemies to maximize the impact of his Ultimate.

The ability lasts for only a short period. Make the most of it by being ready to engage as soon as it’s activated. While powerful, relying too heavily on Living Legend can be risky. Ensure Marcus is also equipped and skilled for combat outside his Ultimate. Be aware of enemies that can dodge or shield themselves, as they can still evade headshots despite the ability’s effect.

5. Reinforce (Del)

Reinforce (Del)

Reinforce is used by Del. Upon activation, Del will drop Deebee Trackers that will target all the nearby enemies and deal damage. The Deebee Trackers don’t last for a long time but the damage is totally worth it.

Reinforce is a versatile ability, providing both offensive and defensive utility:

  • Offensive Support: Use the Trackers to supplement your team’s firepower, especially when facing a large number of enemies.
  • Distraction and Disruption: Deploy the Trackers to disrupt enemy formations, creating confusion and opening gaps for your team to exploit.
  • Defensive Aid: In defensive scenarios, the Trackers can help control enemy movement and protect key areas or vulnerable team members.

Strategies and Tips

  • Timely Deployment: Release the Trackers during intense combat phases to maximize their disruptive potential.
  • Area Control: Use Reinforce in strategic areas where the Trackers can corner or chase down enemies effectively.
  • Supplemental Tool: While effective, remember that the Trackers are an addition to your team’s strategy, not the sole focus.

Deebee Trackers don’t last long and can be destroyed by enemies. Be mindful of when and where you deploy them. Some enemy types might be less affected by the Trackers. Assess the enemy composition before deploying. Avoid deploying Trackers when they might draw enemies towards unintended locations or put teammates at risk.

6. Artillery Strike (JD)

Artillery Strike (JD)

Artillery Strike is used by JD. Activating the ability will allow you to mark different enemies and open fire with upto 5 rounds of Artillery Strike. Since it’s a high-damage ability, you should consider using it on larger enemies or clear waves in an area.

Artillery Strike is particularly effective in several key scenarios:

  • Crowd Control: Use it to break up large groups of enemies, especially when your team is outnumbered or overwhelmed.
  • Targeting Bosses: It’s highly effective against bosses or tougher enemies due to its high damage output.
  • Clearing Fortifications: Utilize it to destroy enemy cover and fortifications, providing an opening for your team to advance.

Strategies and Tips

  • Strategic Targeting: Prioritize high-value targets or dense enemy clusters to maximize the strike’s effectiveness.
  • Coordination with Team: Inform your team before calling in the strike to ensure they can capitalize on the chaos it creates.
  • Awareness of Surroundings: Be mindful of your team’s position to avoid friendly fire or forcing them into unfavorable positions.

The artillery takes a moment to hit the marked targets, so anticipate enemy movements for effective placement. Since it’s a powerful ability, it likely has a long cooldown. Use it judiciously, saving it for critical moments. Some enemies might evade the strike area if they are not engaged or distracted, so combining the strike with other tactics can increase its success rate.

7. X-Ray (FAHZ)

X-Ray is Fahz’s Ultimate Ability in Gears 5 Horde Mode. This unique ability grants Fahz the power to see and shoot through walls for a limited period. X-Ray enhances Fahz’s role as a sniper, allowing him to engage enemies from relative safety and take out targets that would otherwise be shielded from view.

X-Ray is highly useful in several tactical situations:

  • Eliminating Hidden Enemies: Use it to take down enemies taking cover behind walls or barriers.
  • Preemptive Strikes: Target enemies before they enter the field of view of your team, preventing ambushes and flanking maneuvers.
  • Supporting Team Advances: Provide cover fire and eliminate threats as your team moves forward, especially in areas with limited visibility.

Strategies and Tips

  • High Ground Advantage: Position Fahz in elevated spots for a broader view and more effective use of the ability.
  • Ammunition Management: Ensure Fahz has enough ammo to capitalize on the duration of X-Ray, as it offers a significant opportunity for engaging multiple targets.
  • Communication and Coordination: Inform your team when you’re using X-Ray so they can adjust their strategy, knowing hidden enemies will be targeted.

The ability’s effect has a limited range and doesn’t last long, so it’s crucial to act quickly and efficiently. Prioritize high-threat targets or those directly opposing your team’s objectives. Anticipate enemy movement, as stationary targets are easier to hit, but moving ones may require prediction.

8. Hijack (Jack)

Hijack is Jack’s Ultimate Ability in Gears 5 Horde Mode. This distinctive ability allows Jack to temporarily take control of enemy units. Upon activation, Jack can ‘hijack’ the nervous system of an enemy, effectively turning them into an ally for a short duration. This ability not only disrupts enemy ranks but also provides additional firepower and strategic advantages to Jack’s team.

Hijack is versatile and can be used in various situations:

  • Turning the Tide: Use it to control powerful enemy units and turn their abilities against their own.
  • Distraction and Confusion: Hijacking an enemy can create confusion in their ranks, providing your team with an opportunity to regroup or attack.
  • Strategic Elimination: After the hijack duration ends, the controlled enemy is often disoriented, making them an easy target for elimination.

Strategies and Tips

  • Target Selection: Choose strategic targets for hijacking, such as heavy units or those with area-of-effect attacks.
  • Team Coordination: Coordinate with your team to exploit the hijacked enemy’s capabilities, such as using them as a shield or to lead assaults.
  • Timely Execution: Activate Hijack during critical moments, like when facing a challenging wave or when your team is under heavy pressure.

Some enemies might be immune or less susceptible to hijacking, so understanding enemy types is crucial. Be aware of the ability’s range and duration. Position Jack strategically to maximize the impact of the hijack. Once the hijack ends, Jack may be vulnerable. Ensure that there’s a plan for dealing with the enemy once they revert to their original state.

9. Heavy Hitter (Sarah Connor)

Heavy Hitter is the Ultimate Ability of Sarah Conner in Gears 5 Horde Mode. This ability, true to its name, empowers Sarah to use her ballistic weapons with enhanced force. Upon activation, each of her weapon hits not only deals damage but also stuns and knocks back enemies. This makes Sarah particularly effective in close combat situations where controlling enemy movement and maintaining distance are crucial.

Heavy Hitter is most effective in scenarios like:

  • Crowd Control: Excellent for pushing back advancing enemy groups, especially in tight spaces.
  • Defensive Posturing: Useful when Sarah or her team is cornered, providing a way to create space and regroup.
  • Solo Engagements: Enhances Sarah’s capability to handle multiple enemies when isolated from the team.

Strategies and Tips

  • Weapon Selection: Opt for weapons with a high rate of fire or area effect to maximize the stun and knockback impact.
  • Positioning: Stay at a vantage point where Sarah can engage multiple enemies simultaneously without being flanked.
  • Timely Activation: Use the ability when surrounded or in danger, as it can provide a crucial window to escape or counterattack.

Heavy Hitter is less effective at long range, so ensure Sarah is in a position where she can make the most of the ability. Since the ability encourages rapid firing, monitor ammunition levels to avoid running out mid-engagement. Be aware that some larger or more powerful enemies might be less affected by the knockback effect.

10. Resupply (Keegan)

Resupply (Keegan)

Resupply is one of the few supportive Ultimate Abilities in the game. Used by Keegan, Resupply allows you to replenish ammo of your allies and yourself. This ability is particularly valuable in prolonged firefights or situations where ammo conservation is challenging.

Resupply is optimally used in various scenarios:

  • Extended Engagements: During long battles where ammo depletion is a concern, Resupply ensures your team can keep firing without interruption.
  • Preparation for Boss Fights: Prior to engaging tough enemies or boss waves, use Resupply to ensure all team members are fully loaded.
  • Supporting Firepower: Enable aggressive offensive tactics by ensuring teammates don’t run out of ammunition during critical assaults.

Strategies and Tips

  • Strategic Timing: Activate Resupply when multiple team members are low on ammo to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Team Positioning: Encourage your team to stay close when ammo levels are running low to benefit from the ability.
  • Communicate with Team: Notify your team before using Resupply, so they can cease conserving ammo and prepare for more aggressive tactics.

Keep track of teammates’ ammunition levels to use Resupply at the most beneficial times. Be aware of the ability’s range – teammates too far away won’t benefit from the ammo replenishment. Given its supportive nature, it’s essential to manage the cooldown effectively, saving the ability for moments of critical need.

11. Electroblade (Lahni)

Electroblade (Lahni)

Used by Lahni, Electroblade allows her to stun enemies and electrocutes them using her Melee Weapon.

Electroblade shines in several key situations:

  • Close-Range Combat: Ideal for when Lahni is surrounded or needs to clear a space around her quickly.
  • Stunning Tougher Enemies: Effective against tougher, single targets that require a stun to be effectively taken down.
  • Quick Escapes: Useful for creating a path to escape when Lahni is cornered or outnumbered.

Strategies and Tips

  • Aggressive Engagement: Use Electroblade to aggressively engage enemies, capitalizing on its stun effect to disrupt their attacks.
  • Selective Targeting: Aim for groups of weaker enemies or isolated stronger ones to make the most of the electrocution effect.
  • Combination with Movement: Pair the ability with agile movements to dart in and out of enemy reach, avoiding being overwhelmed.

As a melee-focused ability, its effectiveness is limited to Lahni’s immediate vicinity. Engaging enemies in close quarters can be risky; assess the situation to ensure Lahni isn’t overwhelmed. Be mindful of the ability’s duration; it’s important to make every second of the electrified attack count.

12. Barrier (Mac)

Barrier (Mac)

Used by Mac, Barrier can be considered the younger brother of Drop-Shield. Upon activation, Mac drops a shield that protects him for any incoming damage. However, where Drop-Shield also protects your allies, Barrier doesn’t have this functionality.

Barrier is most effectively utilized in scenarios such as:

  • Personal Defense: When Mac is in a vulnerable position or taking heavy fire, the Barrier provides immediate protection.
  • Strategic Positioning: Use the Barrier to secure key positions on the battlefield without being overwhelmed.
  • Aggressive Play: Allows Mac to be more aggressive in his positioning, knowing he has a fallback defensive measure.

Strategies and Tips

  • Timely Activation: Deploy the Barrier at critical moments when Mac is likely to take heavy damage.
  • Solo Operations: Ideal for situations where Mac operates alone or away from the team, providing him with a personal defense mechanism.
  • Offensive and Defensive Balance: Use the Barrier to balance between offensive pushes and defensive retreats, especially when trying to capture or defend objectives.

Unlike some other shields, Barrier only protects Mac and not his allies. Be aware of the Barrier’s duration and cooldown time to avoid being caught off-guard when it deactivates. Some enemies may still use area-of-effect attacks or try to breach the Barrier, so remain vigilant even when it’s active.

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This marks the end of our Horde Mode Ultimate Abilities Guide. There are still some characters whose abilities are yet to be revealed.

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