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How To Use And Upgrade Gears 5 Fabricator


Fabricator in Gears of War is nothing new, especially for the long-time fans of the franchise. If you just jumped into the series with Gears 5 or are just looking to jog up your memory, our Gears 5 Fabricator Guide will help you understand everything you need to know about including its uses, accessing it, and more.

First things first. You can access to Fabricator in the game’s Horde Mode. To start the Horde Mode, you’re required to move the Fabricator. But only powering it up isn’t enough to take full advantage of everything the Fabricator offers. To do that, you must power it up first.

Once powered up, you’ll be able to craft weapons, defensive mechanisms, get perks, and more. But how does one power it up?

Powering Up And Using the Fabricator

To power up the Fabricator, you need to obtain … Power. You can farm Power easily by killing enemies. Upon death, enemies will drop small lightning bolts (Power) that you can pick up by walking over them. However, it’s important to note that dying will cause all your collected Power to disappear so try to deposit as frequently as you can.

In order to deposit Power, you simply need to walk upto the Fabricator and press ‘X’ twice to do so. Once the Fabricator is powered up and running, you’ll be able to do a couple of things with it.

The first thing is crafting weapons as well as defenses and the second thing is acquiring Perks. This is where another important thing comes in to play.

While you’ll be able to craft weapons and defensive mechanisms anytime you want in the game, purchasing the Perks is a totally different story, as it can only be done between the rounds.

If you wish to acquire Perks that give you a variety of different skills to use in combat, you must wait for a round to finish and then rush to the Fabricator. You should’ve enough time to do so.

Every match of Horde begins with the Fabricator being moved to a new location. Choosing a strategic location for the Fabricator is crucial for survival and efficiency. Upgrading Fabricator fortifications requires having an Engineer class character, such as Del Walker or Kat-B320, in your squad. Without an Engineer, upgrading in higher difficulty levels becomes significantly challenging

Character Selection and Abilities

The character you select in Horde Mode impacts your gameplay significantly. Each character comes with unique abilities and traits that can influence how you interact with the Fabricator. For instance, Del Walker is the best choice for moving the Fabricator and building fortifications. Understanding the abilities and strengths of each character can help you make better decisions regarding the use and upgrade of the Fabricator.

Perks and Power Distribution

Perks and skill cards improve your performance in Horde Mode. These can be bought using the Power collected, with the cost increasing upon each upgrade. Perks last for the entire match, offering advantages like increased critical damage or ammo capacity. Power distribution in Gears 5 is equitable among all team members, regardless of who collects it. This ensures that everyone has an opportunity to upgrade their capabilities through the Fabricator.

  1. Regularly deposit Power at the Fabricator to avoid losing it upon death.
  2. Choose characters strategically based on their abilities related to the Fabricator.
  3. Utilize breaks between waves to purchase and upgrade perks.
  4. Have an Engineer in your squad for upgrading fortifications.
  5. Be aware of each character’s unique perks and how they can benefit the team overall.

You can also check out our Multiplayer Guide and for more on Gears 5, visit its dedicated Wiki page.

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