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Gears 5 Act 2 Collectible Locations For Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 And 5


While multiplayer and Horde mode are fun to play even in 2023, what’s more fun in Gears 5 is finding collectibles. There are a lot of collectibles for players to find in Gears 5. Our Gears 5 Act 2 Collectibles Guide will help you with all of the collectible locations in each chapter.

Gears 5 isn’t the first game in the franchise to feature collectibles but, it is the first game in the franchise that features open-ended environments. Naturally, the collectibles have increased in number and in our Gears 5 Act 2 Collectibles Guide we will help you find all of the collectibles in Act 2.

Act 2 – Chapter 1 Collectible Locations

There are a number of collectibles to be found in chapter 1 of Act 2 of Gears 5. However, these collectibles can be hard to find. The following are all of the Gears 5 collectibles locations in Chapter 1 of Act 2.

Riftworm Flute

Riftworm flute is the first collectible you’ll find in Gears of War 5 Act 2 in the town of outsiders. Throughout the gates go to the shop to the right and near the cash register, you’ll find the Riftworm flute.

ILima City License Plate

Go inside the village and through the scrap metal and fruit stands. You’ll come to a furnace and with a round piece of scrap on top. Here you’ll find the License plate collectible in Gears 5.

Lost Gear Helmet

While going through the village you’ll come across a courtyard with a large statue. Go behind the state and you’ll find the Lost Gear Helmet in front of a bush.

Wooden Lancer Toy

While walking through the village you’ll notice a boy hiding and running. He’ll even call you fascists. Just look where the boy was hiding and you will find the Lost Gear Helmet.

Major Howl And Battlin’ Ants

Continue your journey through the village and you’ll come to a shop with half a boat for a counter and a big fish on the wall. To left on the glass counter with lanterns you’ll find your next Gears 5 collectible, Major Howl And Battlin’ Ants.

New Village Rules Mandate

Continue through the village and you’ll get to a room where some villagers are working on scrap. There will be lockers in this room and the next Gears of War 5 collectible is on the first locker.

Note To the Chief

As you get to the next section of the village, go to the far side of this section before going right. Go to the furthest building to your right and one the table you’ll find the Note To the Chief which is your Gears 5 collectible.

Norsko’s Letter

Before getting to your objective, stick to the right and you’ll see a pile of boxes and Norsko’s Letter is on one of the boxes.

COG Tags

After speaking with the Chief, a combat section will start. You’ll come to a place where a swarm will attack from a high slope. Once cleared, you’ll have to go through ha door.

Before you go through, to the right of the door will be abuilding. Head into the building and in there you’ll find cog tags.

Outsider Skiff Schematic

Fighting your way through you’ll come to a room while protecting the lab where you find the Mechanised Silverback. The collectible on a box in the open window.

Act 2 – Chapter 2 Collectible Locations

The following are all of the collectibles that you can find in Chapter 2 of Act 2. However, you won’t find them that easy as this is the first open-ended area of Gears of war 5 and that is where our Gears 5 collectibles guide comes in.

Grindlift Maintenance Notes

The first collectible of Act 2 – Chapter 2 of Gears 5 is in a train tunnel. After dealing with the Carrier, take a look around and a train carriage will be nearby. Kick the door open and collect the Grindlift Maintenance Notes.

Faded Photograph

After the train tunnel, keep going along the tracks and you’ll find a train carriage. Inside the carriage, you’ll find a skeleton and the Faded Photograph collectible is right next to it.

Islander’s Lost Earing

Before continuing the New Hope main mission, go to the east of the COG Gate which is southeast part of the map. There will be an overturned vehicle and some corpses will be lying around. next Gears 5 collectible is near one of the corpses.

Lena’s Journal

This is the last collectible of Chapter 2. if you are in a cave and about to drop down then you are too far ahead. As you enter the section for the New Hope mission, you’ll see some tents and a campfire. The journal is near tents.

Act 2 – Chapter 3 Collectible Locations

Collectibles in this Chapter of Gears 5 are tricky to locate and can easily be missed. The following are all of the collectibles locations that you can find in Act 2 – Chapter 3 of Gears 5.

Intercepted Letter

The first building you enter in Chapter 3, heaf right when Del goes left and the collectible is one the desk.

Sovereign Directive 10345

Inside the facility when you are going through rooms with X-Ray machines and surgical instruments. One of the rooms has an empty slab in the middle of the room and here is the Sovereign Directive 10345 collectible in Gears 5.

Patient Analysis: AX-331-2

Continue through the medical rooms and you’ll come across one room with IV bags and an infant incubator. To the left is a corpse covered with a sheet and the collectible is right next to it. The file is underneath a pelvic x-ray hanging on the wall.

Patient Analysis: EV-184-9

Continue through the building and you’ll come to a room that looks like an office with a pinboard and X-Rays on the wall. The desk with a computer monitor has your next collectible.

Patient Analysis: RK-619-4

You’ll come to a room with a dead locust on a slab with bright lights pointed towards you. To the left is a table and on this table is the next Gears 5 collectible.

Timeworn Data Drive

This collectible is in a server room. In the middle of the shelves is a half-empty server bank and on the middle shelf is the collectible.

Act 2 – Chapter 4 Collectible Locations

The following are locations of all of the Gears 5 collectibles that you can find in Chapter 4 of Act 2.

Security Memorandum

There is a substation just outside the Eastern Communication Tower. The collectible is in a corner inside the substation.

Krav’s Locust Tag

Go to the Old Derrick Site located south-west of the North communication tower. Just before you enter the Old Derrick Site, look to the left and there will be some scrap and a skeleton next to it. Here you’ll find the Krav’s Locust Tag.

Grindlift Actuator Component

Go inside the Old Derrick Site and kill some enemies. After that go to the west of the Old Derrick Site and there is hatch there that you can open. Open it and you will be attacked by a swarm, defeat them and open the hatch, the third collectible is inside.

Lena’s Scribbles

Go to the North Communication Tower and the collectible is attached to the keypad and can’t be missed.

Orders From Ketor Skorge

Go to the Central Old Derrick Site. Go past the flag and there will be some broken machinery and the Orders From Ketor Skorge collectible is next to the skeleton’s feet.

Grindlift Radiator Component

Continue through the Central Old Derrick Site after you find the “Orders From Ketor Skorge”. Fight your way through and head up onto the wreckage and a hatch will be there. Open the hatch and get the collectible. This is also an upgrade for Jack.

Letter To Momma

Go to the south of the central Condor crash site and you’ll come across a frozen vehicle with tents and boxes nearby. The collectible is on one of the boxes.

Frayed Pouncer – Tooth Necklace

Head to the mine site and you’ll find some shacks and buildings. Frayed Pouncer – Tooth Necklace is inside one of the buildings.

Nethercutt Mining Poster

After finding the Frayed Pouncer – Tooth Necklace make your way through the mine site. As you reach your objective keep an eye to the left. You’ll find the poster to the left of a large doorway.

NetherCutt Miner’s Journal

This collectible is also located in the mine site. You’ll come across a kitchen or lunchroom. The collectible is on the table.

Act 2 – Chapter 5 Collectible Locations

This is the final chapter of Gears 5 act 2 and the following are locations for all of the Collectibles in this Chapter.

Nethercutt helmet

As Chapter 5 begins, just before you head inside, go to the right of the cave where you’ll start to loop. Here will be a flat frozen area and at the center is your Gears 5 collectible.

Subject Analysis: UL-119-2

You’ll come to a frozen lab inside the facility. The file is on the right side of the desk.

Subject Analysis: TE-872-3

After you regain control of Kait following the cutscene, just look to the right and the collectible is right there.

Lexigram Board

While you are chasing the robot, keep an eye to the right. You’ll come across a doorway with a few frozen Locust. Just before the door, there is a dead body and here is the Lexigram Board collectible.

Subject Analysis: EV-184-9

This collectible is in the same room where you lift the lockdown. Lift the lockdown and go back the way you came and as you get near the door look to the right. The collectible is one the desk.


At the end of the level, you’ll come across a cell. There will be cushions and a mat inside. the collectible is inside the cell in the center.

That is all for our Gears 5 Act 2 Collectibles Guide with tips on locations of every collectible in each chapter of Act 2.

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