Get ready for an awesome adventure with our Bugsnax Garden Grove Bugs Guide. This guide is like your best friend in the fun world of Bugsnax, made just for the green and beautiful Garden Grove. Whether you’ve been playing for a while or just started, our guide gives you all the details on how to find and catch every Bugsnax in this green wonderland.


With our guide, you won’t just find the hidden Bugsnax, but you’ll also learn the top strategies to catch them, making your game better and your Bugsnax adventure more fun and rewarding.

What Is Garden Grove

Garden Grove, a vibrant and lush location in the enchanting world of Bugsnax, is a paradise for both novice and experienced Bugsnax catchers. This verdant haven, one of the first areas players encounter in the game, is teeming with a diverse range of Bugsnax, each with its unique behavior and preferences. From the ketchup-loving Bungers to the elusive Cobhoppers, Garden Grove offers a thrilling and rewarding Bugsnax catching experience.

The significance of Garden Grove in Bugsnax extends beyond its rich biodiversity. As a starting point in the game, it introduces players to the fundamental mechanics of Bugsnax catching, setting the stage for more complex challenges in later stages. The Bugsnax in Garden Grove vary in their activity patterns, preferences for sauces, and reactions to different tools, providing players with a comprehensive understanding of the game’s mechanics.


Things To Know Before Catching Bugsnax In Garden Grove

  • Each Bugsnax has a unique behavior and requires a specific strategy to catch.
  • Certain Bugsnax are only active during specific times of the day.
  • Some Bugsnax are attracted to or repelled by certain sauces.
  • Tools like the Snak Trap, Sauce Slinger, Snak Grappler, Lunchpad, and Trip Shot are essential for catching Bugsnax.

Garden Grove Bugsnax Locations

In Garden Grove, you’ll encounter a variety of Bugsnax, each with its unique quirks and behaviors. Here’s how to find each one:

BugsnaxDescriptionActive TimeLocation
BungerHamburger-like creatureDay and NightWandering around the garden
FryderFrench fry spiderNightHanging from the trees
ShishkabugSkewered bugDayHiding in the bushes
SweetieflySugary bugDayFluttering around the garden
White StrabbyPale variant of the StrabbyDayNear the bushes and trees
Dr SodieSoda can bugNightBuzzing around the garden
WeenywormHotdog wormDayNear the garden’s edges
CobhopperCorn cob bugNightHopping around the garden
Crispy SnakpodSnack pack bugStationaryStuck to walls and trees in the garden

How To Catch All Bugsnax In Garden Grove

To catch Bugsnax in Garden Grove, you’ll need the right tools and strategies. Here’s how to catch each one:

BugsnaxHow to Catch
BungerUse ketchup to make a Bunger run into another Bunger. When it’s stunned, catch it with your net.
FryderUse ketchup to make the Fryder come down from the trees. When it’s close enough, catch it with a Snak Trap.
ShishkabugMake a Bunger chase the Shishkabug out of its hiding spot. When it’s out in the open, catch it with a Snak Trap.
SweetieflyWait for the Sweetiefly to take a break, then throw a Snak Trap at it to catch it.
White StrabbyPut a Snak Trap in the path of the White Strabby to catch it.
Dr SodieUse the Snak Grappler to catch the Dr Sodie as it flies around.
WeenywormPut a Snak Trap in the path of the Weenyworm to catch it.
CobhopperUse the Trip Shot to make the Cobhopper fall out of the air, then catch it with your net.
Crispy SnakpodYou can pick up the Crispy Snakpod directly or use the Snak Grappler to get it if it’s too far away.

That’s the end of our guide on catching Bugsnax in Garden Grove. Did I miss any Bugsnax? Let me know in the comments below.


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