Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Gameloft’s Next Asphalt Game Is “Legends Unite”

The acclaimed mobile and console gaming giant, Gameloft, is set to rev up the excitement in the racing game genre with the latest trademark filing for “Asphalt Legends Unite.” This new title is speculated to be the next high-octane installment in the wildly successful “Asphalt” series.

Trademark Details

  • Class 9: The inclusion of game software for various platforms suggests a multi-platform release, ensuring that “Asphalt Legends Unite” could dominate on desktop, mobile phones, consoles, and more.
  • Class 28: Mention of video game equipment hints at possible dedicated gaming hardware or accessories that could enhance the racing experience.
  • Class 38: The telecommunications class suggests that online features will be significant, perhaps indicating robust multiplayer components or live services.
  • Classes 41 & 42: These classes encompass education, entertainment, and the design and hosting of online sites, suggesting that “Asphalt Legends Unite” could offer an educational angle on racing or even e-sports ambitions.

Gameloft, while not yet officially confirmed due to pending fees, is undeniably behind this trademark. The addition of an official logo and the registration of a dedicated domain – – further solidifies the fact that we are close to an official announcement.

The domain was notably registered by an entity based in Ile-de-France, the same region where Gameloft’s headquarters resides, signaling that the gears are definitely in motion at the Parisian developer’s studio.

Lastly, judging by the patent it seems the game is coming to PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

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