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How To Get Free Xinyan During Labyrinth Warriors Event In Genshin Impact


During the new Labyrinth Warriors event in Genshin Impact, players can redeem event currency in order to get a free copy of Xinyan. She is not the best character in the game but a free unit is still a free unit. In this Genshin Impact guide, we are going to go over how you can get Xinyan for free during the Labyrinth Warriors event.

Note that if you already have her then you will receive a free Xinyan Constellation. So you do not need to worry about wasting your event currency. If the free Xinyan Constellations are already maxed out then you will get some Starglitter that will allow you to get some free wishes.

Getting A Free Xinyan During Labyrinth Warriors In Genshin Impact

The Labyrinth Warriors event has different dungeons that you need to complete. Each part has random buffs that you get as a reward for clearing the different battles. Clearing these dungeons will allow you to earn the event currency which you can use towards getting a free Xinyan.

In order to get a free Xinyan, you need 1,000 Aged Tokens, have collected 4,000 Aged Tokens overall, and complete the quest called Path of the Taishou. Once you have completed these requirements, you can invite Xinyan and get a free copy of the unit.

Genshin Impact Free Xinyan

In order to get 4,000 Aged Tokens, you need to clear at least three of the dungeons featured in the event. Clearing each can earn you a max of 1,800 4,000 Aged Tokens. Once you have met the requirements you can head into the events overview section and select the Labyrinth Warriors event and then select Blazing Unison in order to invite Xinyan.

This is how you can get a free Xinyan in Genshin Impact as part of the Labyrinth Warriors event. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can get Star-Shaped Gems.

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