As you progress through the Age of Wonders 4 and expand your empire, you will need to found new cities. How you can do this might not be clear from the get-go. No need to worry since there are a couple of ways of founding new cities in the game. In this Age of Wonders 4 guide, we go over how you can found new cities.

Founding New Cities In Age Of Wonders 4

The following are the different ways in which you can found new cities in Age of Wonders 4:


If you want to take cities by force then you can wage war and use your army to overtake cities. This is going to have a negative impact on your alignment and might not be the best move to make early on. Wars can go on for a long time if you cannot overpower the opposing faction.

Vassalizing Free Cities

Free cities are independent nations that players do not control. When you encounter a free city you can give them a whispering stone to improve your relationship. When this relationship is maxed, you can integrate the free city into your empire. This is a great way of expanding your empire which we recommend you take advantage of early on.

Founding Cities Using Heroes

To found a new city using your hero, move the hero to a region and click on the ground in that region and select the build an outpost option. Once the outpost has been built you will be able to found a new city in the region. It does take a few turns for the city to be founded. Make sure that you are within the cities limit when setting up a new city to make sure that you can even afford to found a new city.

Tips For Founding New Cities In Age Of Wonders 4

The following are some tips for founding new cities in Age of Wonders 4:

Make Sure You Can Afford It

The cities limit on the top of the screen shows how many cities you can have without an economic penalty. This will show you whether or not you can afford to found a new city. You should not found a new city if you are already at the limit.

Do Not Have Too Many Cities Too Close

Cities are going to go over time and their boundaries are going to spread. Having too many cities too close to one another is going to be a waste of resources. Do take the time to plan ahead and space your cities accordingly.

Take Note Of Warnings Before Settling

When founding a new city, you do not want to upset any factions that might be in the surrounding area. So do take note of any warning that you might get before you found a new city.

This is how you can found new cities in Age of Wonders 4. To learn more check out our resources guide to learn what different resources do and how you can get them.

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