After a not so successful launch on PC, Forza Street is finally available on iOS and Android. The free-to-play racing game attempts to give players the ultimate Forza experience, at least as ultimate as it can be on mobile. There are so many cars and tracks in the game and eventually, you will master them all. However, you will need all the tips and tricks you can get to get off on the right TRACK in Forza Street. The Forza Street Beginner’s Guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need to win pretty much all the races.


Forza Street Mobile Tips and Tricks

Early on it is really hard to win races, especially, against cars more powerful than yours. However, eventually, you can win against cars that are faster and powerful than yours. But to do this you need to play the game as perfectly as possible.

Get the Speed Boosts

When in the middle of a race you can build your boost bar to go faster and you can do this by driving, yes, that simple. There are two main ways to do this to go faster. The first method is the perfect launch which you can do by revving the engine to get the needle in the correct part of the gauge. If you manage to perform a successful launch you get a small speed boost. The second method to get a boost is to get the perfect drifts. Release the accelerator when your front wheels hit the brightest spot and speed up again when your back wheels hit the second brightest spot.

Boost Management

Now that you know how to get the boost, it is equally as important to manage your speed boost.  You can use the speed boost whenever you want but the best way to use it is coming out of the corners. You will see no benefit to using the speed boost going into a drift or in the middle of it. When the bar is full, you can use the entire bar at will but it is much better to use half the bar at a time. This allows you to quickly build up the speed boost again. If you nail the perfect launch you get a speed boost, save it up for when you come out of your first drift. At that point, you will likely have a full boost meter. Use all the saved up boost for your corners but only use half of it, use the rest for the remaining race.


Tune the Cars – Forza Street Tips

Tuning and optimizing your rides is a key part of Forza Street. As you progress you will unlock a multitude of cars but there is a limitation. You can only keep 3 cars in your lineup at a time. The best way to perform in Forza Street is to tune your 3 primary cars and get the most out of them. To tune cars, you need parts and CR. You can go to the garage through the main menu and choose the car you want to tune. Pick the parts you want and pay the cost with CR to tune your ride.

Keep in mind that if you ignore tuning your car you can’t progress in the game. If becomes next to impossible to win with stock parts. All other cars will have a competitive advantage over you so tuning your car becomes a major part of Forza Street. As you win races you get yourself upgrade kits which are used to boost the Performance Index of your car. Use the kits to upgrade your cars and also take part is to upgrade challenges to further progress your vehicles.

Don’t Ignore Daily Rewards

Forza Street players can get daily rewards for simply playing the game. You get additional CR every few hours, which is used to make purchases in the game. You also get additional rewards for logging into Forza Street every 24 hours. The game is pretty generous when it comes to offering free rewards.