Golden Tlaloc Totem is needed in order to unlock the ‘An Item for Extreme Value’ trophy/achievement. It is found during the Tulum Expedition. For those who do not know, it can be started from the Horizon Apex Adventure. In this Forza Horizon 5 guide, we have shared the location of the Golden Tlaloc Totem in order to get the ‘An Item of Extreme Value’ trophy/achievement.

Forza Horizon 5 Golden Tlaloc Totem Location

One of the objectives that need to be done during the Tulum Expedition reads ‘Photograph Golden Statue’. And while it sounds simple enough, the wording makes it a little confusing than it needs to be. In order to complete it, the player needs to photograph the Golden Tlaloc Totem and not a statue.

In order to locate it, start the Tulum Expedition and continue to progress through it as normal until the section with a few ruins – this is the area where the Golden Tlaloc Totem is located. It is located on the left side of a small stone building and is surrounded by a barebone wooden structure. Once found, all that the player needs to do is to take a photograph and be done with it.

To bring out the camera, press up on the D-pad and align the Golden Tlaloc Totem so that it fits in the frame perfectly. Once done, take the picture to remove the objective from the checklist, grab the rewards, and carry on with the mission. There are a few more interesting objectives to complete.

Lastly, do note that this thing can only be found during the Tulum Expedition – no point in trying to locate it in Free Roam.

This is all we have got in our Forza Horizon 5 Golden Tlaloc Totem guide. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Forza Horizon 5 wiki page.

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