The second chapter of Fortnite has outdone itself in diversifying the mechanics of the game’s battle royale mode. In the current Season 2 update, five vaults have been added to the map upon various locations. These vaults are worth opening if they are placed not too much outside the borders of the zone, as they are basically stashes of loot which will set you up for the battle ahead. Our secret vault guide will help you in discovering new vaults in Fortnite.


Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 Secret Vault Locations

The secret vaults are filled with gold weapons, XP coins and other awesome loot which is important for your survival and success through the game.

There are arguably other more efficient ways to collect loot, but you will not be wasting too much time if you have the heist and start to work towards reaching the vaults at the beginning of the game.

Also, keep in mind that each vault will have an exclusive boss you’ll need to handle so you must have the appropriate equipment for the fights.


First Vault-The Rig   

In the South West of the map, you will find a vault that is located close to The Rig. Pick up a couple of guns and head towards the central area to gun down the boss TNTina. She does not have a big health reserve so you would be easily able to defeat her. When you are done with that, take the keycard and go to the Northside where you will find the vault. Open the vault door with a swipe of the keycard and gather the loot inside.

Second Vault-The Grotto

Your path to the Grotto will be blocked by henchmen, bent on knocking you down. Use your weapon to get rid of them. Then head towards the shore, and using a phone booth put yourself in a disguise. Now reach the Northside of the Grotto where you will face Brutus, whose guarding the vault.


The vault will be accessible once you have managed to kill Brutus. However, you need to be pretty careful in this fight as Brutus is stronger than TNTina with a bigger health reserve. He also sports a minigun which is pretty dangerous.

Third Vault-The Yacht 

In the North-Eastern direction on the map a glorious yacht can be found floating around. This also contains a vault and in order to reach you need to hunt down Meowscles. He is to be found in the main room with a group of henchmen closely guarding him. Defeat him and his henchmen, and you will receive his assault rifle along with the key card. You will find the vault in the lower deck of the yacht. There is also a turret guarding the vault which you must destroy or disguise yourself to pass through.

Fourth Vault-The Agency


There is a massive building right in the middle of the map which is called The Agency. To obtain the key card for the fourth vault you have to find Midas, who is found patrolling the inside of the Agency. You need to defeat his henchmen before you can reach him.

Once you have killed Midas, you will get his Drum Gun and the key card. The Agency vault his two turrets you take care while facing them because if you are not fast enough you will be riddled with bullets. It is better to just disguise yourself to go past them unseen.

Fifth Vault-The Shark

This last secret vault is located on the North-Western side of the map, on an island that has a rock with the likeness of a shark, hence the name The Shark.

On this island, you must defeat the boss Skye. As with other bosses, you will get the weapon and key card dropped by her once she is killed. Reach the basement, and use a disguise to get past the auto turret to collect the contents of the vault.

To sum it up, vaults are admittedly pretty risky gambles, and there is no sure-fire guarantee of whether you will manage to gather all the loot, considering the amount and strengths of the bosses you will face. However, if you do get to collect all the loot, then you will be prepared to face the challenges coming for you in the rest of the game.

That is all for our Fortnite Secret Vault guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on Brutus Briefing Challenges.


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