Fortnite barely requires an introduction. The battle royale mode is constantly updated with new modes and items, so much so that it is overwhelming for new players because of the sheer amount of items added season over season. Despite the constant update to the game content, game optimization has never been the best in the industry. From constant stutter to unforeseen server issues, Fortnite has had huge troubles with the mechanism under the hood. Fortnite Matchmaking error is one of the key problems that the game is facing, and here is how to fix it.

Why Does The Matchmaking Error Occur

Matchmaking is one of the most fundamental mechanisms Fortnite has to employ to make it run. This matchmaking error does not outright state that something went wrong; instead, it just repeatedly shows a prompt saying Connecting to matchmaking services and never seems to get over that. After our in-depth research of scouring r/FortniteBR, we have realized that this issue can happen because of two variables; the Servers and your internet connection.

Fix# 1 – Check Server Status

Fortnite is a game that attempts to keep itself fresh to varying degrees of effectiveness from season to season. For this, the servers must be down for a certain time. This can happen even when the game is up and running on your computer(at least in your lobby), and then you cannot enter matchmaking when you click the play button. This is purely a server issue. For this, you need to check the server status by Visiting

Fix# 2 – Disconnect VPN

VPNs can be potential points of failure for a game. The data has to be sent from your computer to the VPN server, then to the game server, and then back again. So it is best to disable your VPN as soon as you decide to play Fortnite.

Fix# 3 – Test Your Network Connection

Matchmaking is very heavily dependent on the stability of your internet connection. If your internet and computer decides to disconnect during the matchmaking process for a split second, the process will start all over again, and this can cause a never-ending loop. To fix Fortnite Matchmaking Error, we suggest getting wired up to your internet modem, so the connection is more stable and reliable.

Fix# 4 – Playing Battle Lab

This trick is more specific to Fortnite than to all games, as the previous fixes were. You can try to change your game mode to Battle Lab and see if we can get into a game in that way. As Battle Lab is a mode that does not require any matchmaking, you can get into the chapter three map fairly quickly. Wait for a while inside the game(about 3-4 minutes) and then go back to your main lobby; try if any BR queues work, as this should have reset the server.

Fix# 5 – Change Matchmaking Region

If the server region of Fortnite is too far away, your ping can be higher. This can cause further issues like the one we discussed earlier; the matchmaking might start and end repeatedly to no end. To change your server, follow these steps:

Click the Options icon(it looks like three lines stacked on top of one another). When writing this article, it is on the top right, but Epic messes around with it a fair amount.
Go ahead and click Settings from the side menu that pops up.
On the top, you will see many shapes; select the Gear.
Under Language and Region, you should see a Matchmaking Region option; change it until the latency in the brackets is the lowest.

That is all for our fixes for the Fortnite Matchmaking error. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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