Fortnite’s Fortnitemares event brings a host of challenges, and one such task is to find and defeat Countess Daraku. This guide will walk you through the process of locating her and winning the duel, ensuring you’re one step closer to completing your Fortnitemares quests.


Countess Daraku isn’t too hard to find, but knowing her exact location saves time. She’s stationed east of Eclipsed Estate, specifically in the Eastern Watch Tower. Look for her on the tower’s upper levels or walking around it. She’s not on the roof, so focus your search around the middle area of the watch. A chat bubble often marks her presence, making it easier to spot her.

Interestingly, Countess Daraku isn’t your typical hostile NPC. You’ll need to initiate the duel by conversing with her first. Before you do, ensure you’re well-equipped. Scour the tower for weapons, shield potions, or even purchase better gear from Countess Daraku herself using Gold Bars. It’s crucial to have a full shield and decent weaponry before challenging her.

Countess Daraku location in Fortnite.
Here’s where you can find Countess Daraku.

How To Beat Countess Daraku

Once you’re geared up, approach Countess Daraku and select the option to challenge her to a duel. This action will trigger her hostility, and she’ll start attacking you. Despite her quick-fire weapons, she doesn’t have an excessive shield, making the duel relatively straightforward. Aim for headshots, preferably with a shotgun, to expedite the process. Around 4-5 solid hits should do the trick.

What If She’s Already Defeated? In instances where another player has already dueled and defeated Countess Daraku, you’ll find her as a blue echo or ghost in the same area. You can still complete the mission by talking to her ghost, negating the need for combat.

Defeating Countess Daraku or speaking to her post-defeat completes the quest, progressing you further in the Fortnitemares challenges. Be mindful of other players, as they might interrupt your duel or take advantage of your engaged state.


  • The faster you defeat Countess Daraku, the less likely you are to be blindsided by other players.
  • If you’re not in the mood for combat or feel under-equipped, consider waiting for another player to defeat her. You can still complete the quest by talking to her afterward.