Fishing is one of the side-activities that players can do while also surviving. Small Fry, Flopper, and Slurp Fish are different kinds of fish that players can catch in Fortnite. Our Fornite Fish guide will hwlp you with how to fish and the locations of Small Fry, Flopper, and Slurp Fish in Fortnite.


Fortnite – Small Fry, Flopper and Slurp Fish Locations

Players =need to find Small Fry, Flopper and Slurp Fish first in order to catch them. Catching these fish is important if players want to complete the Fortnite Trick Shot challenge.

First off, for those of you who focus mainly on surviving, fighting and third-partying other people this might be a “drag”. You might not like fishing and might not be a fan of it but you have to do it nonetheless for the challenge. Here is how to fish and Small Fry, Flopper, And Slurp Fish locations in Fortnite

How To Fish

Before we get into the details on Small Fry, Flopper And Slurp Fish locations, we will first discuss some basic things about fishing. Fishing will require you to give a Fishing Rod which takes up space in your inventory.


Fishing Rod can usually be found near water bodies located all around the map. After acquiring the rod simply go to the water body press the button to throw the string into the water. A couple of seconds later a fish will be caught and you can reel it in. Acquiring rarer fishes requires you to go to larger water bodies and might take a few tries.

Small Fry Location

The Small Fry Fish is the most common fish which you can find very easily. It is located in basically any water body located around the map. It doesn’t matter if the water body is large or small, shallow or deep you can find this Small Fry Fish easily in any water body. There are a lot of ponds on the map simply go to any of them and try to throw your string into the water. If it gets caught a ripple will start emerging around the area and there is a chance you might get it. If you don’t find the fish simply go to another pond and try your luck there.

Flapper Fish Location

The Flapper Fish isn’t that hard to find and can also be found in literally any water body located throughout the map. Approach any pond and throw the string into the area of the pond where white ripples have emerged. It might take you a few tries to get the fish and you much have to go to a few ponds if you ain’t that lucky.

Slurp FishLocation

The Slurp Fish is the rarest fish and cannot be found in any ordinary water body. To find it you will have to go to the larger water bodies located at specific areas on the map. When you get to the larger ponds the same as before throw the string into the white emerged ripples. It will take a lot of tries before you finally catch the fish. Once you finally get lucky and it catches it reel it in and use it to get health and the challenge will be over.


We recommend looking for all the fishes in generally larger ponds as you won’t have to waste your time going around from short ponds to large ponds over and over again.

That is all for our Fortnite Fish guide with tips on Small Fry location. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on the best fishing spots. You can also check out our guide on farming XP.