Joneses are some kind of virtual characters scattered all over the map. There are quite a few of them and this week’s challenges require you to talk to all of them to complete a weekly challenge. This quest is a bit complicated than others as it is difficult to find all of the joneses. In this Fortnite guide, we go through how you can find each of the joneses and talk to them.

Find Joneses in Fortnite

As they are scattered all over the map, you will have to find them to talk to them. You will have to talk to all of the joneses to complete the challenge. This is how you will find all of them:

  1. The first one, you will find in the far North of Coral Castle on the small patch of land.
  2. For the second one, you will have to go to Pleasant Park.
  3. You will third one to the east of craggy cliffs in the corner of the map.
  4. The fourth one will be found to the far north of Steamy Stacks on the small patch of land.
  5. The fifth one will be to the North West of Holly Hedges.
  6. If you go to the South West of Holly Hedges, you will find a Jonesy there.
  7. The Slurp Jonesy would be found in the Slurp Swamp to the South West of Slurp Swamp.
  8. The next one will be found in the Misty Meadows.
  9. Others could be easily found in the South East of the Map.

There are three main Joneses, Jonesy the First, Castaway Jonesy, and the Slurp Jonesy. You should consider talking to them first and the challenge will be completed. Other Joneses are the Bunker Joneses, and it is not necessary to talk to them but it is a good practice if you do.

This was everything that you needed to know about Joneses and how to find them and talk to them in Fortnite.

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