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Where to Destroy a Telescope, a Television, and a Telephone Pole in Fortnite


In order to unlock the Camo vs. Chic skin in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1, players are needed to complete a whole lot of Overtime Challenges. Out of these Overtime Challenges in Fortnite, one is to destroy a telescope, a television, and a telephone pole. Fortnite’s map has a lot of areas where you can find a telescope, a television, and a telephone pole but if you’re one of those who don’t know where to begin, this guide will help you out.

Fortnite Challenge to Destroy a Telescope, a Television, and a Telephone Pole

Similar to other challenges in the game, you must complete them in a single match. As mentioned earlier, you can complete them anywhere on the map but to make it easier for you, we’ve shared the locations that are close to each other.

In order to complete the Overtime Challenge, we suggest that you drop somewhere as close to Craggy Cliffs as possible. Once you’ve landed there, you should be able to knock all 3 rather quickly.

Telescope Location
To find the telescope, you need to head over to the small secluded island located on the north side of the Pleasant Park. Once you’re there, try to scour the island for the telescope subtly hidden inside underbrush. Once you’ve found it, use your Pickaxe or any other weapon to destroy it.

Television Location
Finding a television is probably the easiest one. In order to find one, simply try to search many houses on the left side of the island. If you’re still having trouble, what you can do is to head toward the southwest edge of the island and keep going until you come across a yellow house with a TV inside.

Telephone Pole Location
Once you’ve knocked out the TV inside the yellow house, simply head out from the front door and you’ll find a telephone pole in plain sight.

If you followed the steps mentioned in the guide, you’ll easily be able to complete the challenge within a couple of minutes.

We hope the guide helped you complete the Fortnite challenge to destroy a Telescope, a TV, and a Telephone Pole. If you’re looking for more help on completing these Overtime Challenges, be sure to check out our No Fishing Signs Locations, Dancing on Mounts Guide, and Finding Recliner, Radio, and Theater Guide.

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