Fortnite brings a new Spire Challenge in Season 6. This challenge contains different quests like investigating an Anomaly or retrieving a Cult Artifact from Spire and giving it to Raz in Colossal Crops. This guide will get you to know better how to retrieve the Cult Artifact from Spire in Fortnite to give it to Raz.

Fortnite Cult Artifact Location

To obtain the Cult Artifact, you will need to go to the center of the Spire region map and run to the tower of rocks. As soon as you reach this tower, there will be a couple of buildings at the bottom of this tower, and you will notice an entrance to the cliff.

As soon as you enter the building, you will notice the Cult Artifact placed on a wooden stick near a wooden table. To collect this Cult Artifact, you will have to interact with it and grab it to complete the quest. Once you have grabbed the Cult Artifact, you won’t lose it even if you die.

You won’t face any pesky enemies but one guardian of the artifact, who roams around in the place. If it appears, you will have to defeat it and get the artifact for Raz. You might also come across other players trying to complete the Spire Challenges and this same quest, so prepare to fight them in your journey to Spire.

You don’t need to come back to Raz the same day, you can just hang around complete other challenges and come back to him whenever you want to give away the Cult Artifact.

This was everything that you needed to know about retrieving the Cult Artifact from Spire for Raz in Colossal Crops in Fortnite. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Fortnite wiki guides.

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