Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 has brought some interesting and keen elements to the table, in the literal sense. The new season’s theme is focused on spies, and by playing the game, you get the opportunity to unlock a pretty cool looking boss skin which makes you appear totally unique. To acquire this skin, you must complete the Brutus Briefing Challenges of Fortnite season 2.


The updates for season 2 have improved the entire user interface and fixed several problems that its players have been facing for quite a long time. As a result of the upgrade, instead of a list of challenges, you have a much wider representation of the challenges you will be required to finish, through a challenge table. There you will be able to go through all the challenges that are available for you to complete.

Fortnite Season 2 Brutus Briefing Challenges

For the first week, Brutus has given you a series of difficult challenges, which are spread throughout the map for the players to locate and complete.

All the challenges will provide you with an ample amount of experience, and after you have finished a certain number of them (18 to be exact) it will enable you to unlock the Brutus Skin Style.


These challenges can be completed without following any specific order and you do not even need to possess a Battle Pass for them. But if you want the Brutus Skin then you must have the Battle Pass with you. It comes with an added perk of the Deadpool Skin.

Here is a list of the Brutus Challenges and the rewards you will acquire:

  • Find Chests at the Shark or the Grotto (0/7)
  • Inflict damage upon the henchmen (0/2,000)
  • Open the doors locked with an ID scanner in various matches (0/3)
  •  Find Ammo Boxes in one match (0/7)
  • Disguise yourself in a phone booth during different battles (0/3)
  • Crouch within a distance of 20m from unaware henchmen for ten seconds straight. (0/10)
  • Throw different healing or shield items. (0/3)
  • Eliminate other players whilst having a 100 health, shields and more (0/5)
  • Land at Apres Ski, Lockie’s Lighthouse and Mount Kay. (0/3)
  • Deal damage to other players with two different weapons in the time limit of ten seconds. (0/1)

You will be rewarded with 40,000 XP after the completion of each challenge. That is all for our Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Brutus Briefing Challenges Guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can access the agency HQ vault.


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