Fortnite is known for bringing new and unique content to the table. This time around we are getting a bunch of new challenges in season 6 of Fortnite. There is an anomaly discovered in Stealthy Stronghold, which needs to be investigated by you. Investigating this anomaly will reward you with a new Agent Jones skin if you own the Season 6 Battle Pass. You will get the chance to discover a variety of anomalies throughout the season. This Fortnite guide will help you through the process of investigating the Anomaly Detected in Stealthy Stronghold to get the new Agent Jones skin.

Fortnite Anomaly Detected

The Anomaly of Stealthy Stronghold is located to the east of the center of Stealthy Stronghold. As soon as you reach here you will see a glowing butterfly like the previous anomalies in this season. When you see the butterfly, you will have to follow it around, and it will take you far away than any other butterflies of previous seasons did.

There is one good piece of news that there won’t be any challenge or puzzle to solve this time. The butterfly will take you to a dirt-covered mound. You will have to use your melee weapon to dig and reveal the shard and receive the reward.

As Stealthy Stronghold is not a very popular spot for looting, there won’t be many enemies to trouble you in any way. Although there will be wolves roaming around, and some raptors as well. There are other challenges and anomalies as well and unlike the Stealthy Stronghold anomaly, you will have to complete challenges or solve puzzles to receive your rewards.

This is all we’ve got in how to investigate Anomaly Detected in Stealthy Stronghold in Fortnite. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Fortnite wiki guides.

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