Junoon is not the most extensive area in Forspoken. You will encounter many Labyrinths (side quests) in the main story. These side quests grant you many rewards once you have completed these side quests. During these quests, you will also face some enemies along with some rewards. So make sure to take advantage of these side quests.

The Wolfwoods Forest Labyrinth in Forspoken is a side quest including nightmares, which you must play against. Using equipment with a very high stat of Red Magic effectively against nightmares.

First Room
When you will reach the first room, brace yourself to fight against a bunch of Abyssal Riven Jaws and Abyssal Riven Wings. To deal with these creatures, use Chain Bolt; you can also use Prav’s Magic against Abyssal Riven Wings, but Chain Bolt is more effective than Prav’s Magic as it is swift.

Second Room
There are two exits, but the second room’s exit is more appropriate. During your time in the second room, you will face some Abyssal Riven Claws, Abyssal Riven Fangs, and Abyssal Riven Antlers. As Abyssal Riven Antlers are the most intimidating, it is best practice to take them out in the first place.

After taking them out, take the rest of the creatures. But remember, you need to be very active during these fights. Old Coins can also be found in the second room, located at the right of the exit. You can find a chest with more Old Coins on the left-hand exit.

Beating Proto Gyre Boss

Proto Gyre is also immune to Frey’s magical spells. The only magic which can damage Proto Gyre is Sila’s Magic Spell. This boss has tentacles, but be not afraid as these tentacles don’t inflict damage as you get closer to the creature.

Proto gyre will attack you, using the enormous waves of air slashes aimed at you. To avoid damage by its waves of air slashes, flow through these waves. Sila’s magic spell is quite powerful against Proto Gyre, so it will not be a long fight.

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