The Nails Mechanic is quite a different touch in Forspoken. These Nails give you extra aid during your journey in the game. This walkthrough will discuss how you will unlock these Nails, their designs, and their effects in Fospoken.

Last updated on February 7th, 2023 at 03:19 am

Start of the campaign in Forspoken, you will not be able to access these Nails. These Nails are unlockable when you reach Chapter 3 in the game. In Chapter 3, you will meet a character named Auden. After completing Auden’s tasks. An objective will be given to you, which includes leaving the city and making your way to Xenos Guild.

Nails Locations

Xenos Guild is located east of Cipal, inside the tower’s second floor. You will notice some books sitting on a desk. Reading these books will allow you to learn about the Tantas’ Nails. You will also find ore-type loot dropped by the enemies or collected on the ground. You will also find two treasure chests and pick up the ores.

Once in the Nails menu, which will also unlock the Nails Mechanics. Now you can adjust their position of them as well. The design and effects of nails in the game are the following:

Nails Effects
Trigger Happy Nails
Overclock Nails
Aftershock Nails Killer Blows Generate a Shockwave. Increase All Spell Damage by +2%
Amped Nails
Beaucoup Nails
Blessed Nails Improved Critical Hit Rate. Increase All Spell Damage by +2%
Bounce Nails
Blue Flesh Nails Quickly Charge Attack Spells. All damage -5%
Clutch Nails Boosts Healing Effect when Health is Low. Increase All Spell Damage by +2%
Dig Deep Nails Improved Surge Magic Recharge Rate. All damage -5%
Escalate Nails
Fatale Nails It Allows you to knock enemies down to the ground by learning more spells
Frostbite Nails
Flaunt Nails
Grit Nails
Heavy Nails
Hope Nails
Honor Nails
Ill Nails Debuffs from Frey Specific Spells Last Longer. Increase Frey Spell Damage By +5%
Ignite Nails Top Level Attack Magic can set enemies on fire. Increase Sile Spell Damage By +5%
Jet Nails
Lit Nails
Nightshade Nails
On Point Nails
Passion Nails
Slay Nails Support magic deals more damage when Surge Magic is Fully Charged. Frey Spell Damage By +5%
Savage Nails
Spectrum Nails
Twisted Nails
Tease Nails
Wisdom Nails
Wired Nails

This is all we have got on how to unlock Nails in Forspoken. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Forspoken wiki page.

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