Forspoken can be classified as an action RPG with a heavy emphasis on narrative. Players will be free to roam and explore the expansive open world called Athia. The main character is called Frey. The gameplay involves magic as a fighting/defensive mechanic. Just like the houses in Harry Potter or Elemental Bending in the Avatar series, Magic in Forspoken is divided into four categories: Red, Blue, Purple, and Green.

Also known as Sila’s Magic, Red Magic Spells are fire-based. With various moves involving fire, Red Magic is one of Forspoken’s most satisfying bundles of moves to utilize. These are be further categorized into:

Offensive Spells

  • Slice: a magical sword appears and slices into an enemy
  • Rage Slice: While charging this move, powerful magical punches are dealt to enemies, and explosive damage is dealt when released. With each increasing level, the damage done increases.
  • Arc Slice: A quick slice with a magical sword. With each increasing level, the area of attack increases along with the damage done in mid-air.
  • Blast Slice: Throw a magical spear at enemies, also dealing damage to the area close to the point of impact. With each increasing level, the range of the spear and damage done increases.

Defensive Spells

  • Fusilade: Attacks enemies nearby with swords of fire to protect you. It can be handy for protection while charging up a move.
  • Aegis: Produces a flame to combat any effects of reduced attack or defense. Subsequent attacks will also be more potent after using this move.
  • Legion: Summons several fiery soldiers who provide cover by attacking enemies.
  • Charge: Rush forward with a shield to drive enemies back.
  • Crucible: Creates a boundary of fire around Frey (the protagonist) in which attack power is enhanced.
  • Firetrap: Causes lava from the ground underneath the enemies. It provides time and cover while dealing damage to enemies for a little while.

Misc. Red Spells

  • Beacon: Lights up an area while also increasing the recharge speed of stamina. Use cautiously, as this makes it easier to find enemies.
  • Conflagration: Spews hot magma at enemies through a magical shaft that appears from underground. With each increasing level, the amount of lava and the damage done increases along with the range.
  • Drag and Drop: Strikes enemies and pulls them closer. It is a useful one for enemies in the distance.
  • Amplify: Useful to amplify the effects of your magic when the cloak is used.

Parkour Spells

  • Soar: Enables you to leap multiple times in quick succession to climb higher.
  • Zip: Grab items and move them.
  • Rush: Enable to flow faster, especially with well-timed execution.

These are all the Red Magic Spells in Forspoken. For more help on the game, you can check out these guides:

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