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Forspoken Purple Magic Spells Guide


There are 4 types of Magic in Forspoken for the player to experiment with: Red, Blue, Green, and Purple. And while each type has its use, Purple Magic Spells are incredibly powerful, thanks to the utility that they provide. Not only do these Magic Spells deal a lot of damage, but some of them are also purely utility-based that can heal allies, control a zone, help in parkour, among other effects. This guide will help you learn all there is to know about all the different Purple Magic Spells in Forspoken.

Forspoken Purple Magic

This is akin to the Earth Bending from Avatar but on steroids. The sheer visuals of moving rocks and earth around feel very powerful. Purple Magic Spells can be further divided into different categories:

Offensive Purple Spells

Shot Shoots out small rocks.
Shield Shot (Level 1-3) Creates a shield while charging and deals explosive damage upon release. With each increasing level the size of the shield and blast radius both increase.
Burst Shot (Level 1-3) Shoots out small but explosive rocks which can deal damage over an entire area. With each increasing level the area covered by the rocks and the damage dealt by them increases.
Scatter Shot (Level 1-3) Shoots out a stream of rocks while the move is being charged up and spews out an explosive projectile upon release. With each increasing level the damage done by the stream of rocks and the projectile increases.

Defensive Purple Spells

Prime Place a trap in any chosen spot. The trap deals explosive damage to the enemy and surrounding area when stepped on.
Screen Defensive stones around you protect against enemies.
Tendril Sends an ivy whip out which can deal damage over a specific area whilst healing Frey as well depending upon how much damage is dealt.
Leach Springs out magical plants with poison healing abilities.
Bind Ties up enemies in a bunch of weeds.
Disperse Causes flowers to sprout out of the ground that can pick up rocks and fling them at the enemies.
Implant Shoots out seeds at enemies. These seeds deal damage over a small time.

Parkour Purple Spells

Shimmy Provides instant acceleration by kicking off from the ground.
Flow Enables fast movement and parkour.
Leap Enable Frey to kick off from a wall to reach higher.

Other Purple Spells

Cut and Run Causes the ground to open up while sending Frey flying back. This will also switch you to Frey’s magic.
Burrow Shoots out multiple roots which can loot items for you. The amount of items looted corresponds directly to the amount of recharge your Support Magic will receive.
Vivify Enables Frey to use her crafting skills to increase the amount of boost her health gets from a necklace.
Modify Enables you to turn Breakshards into shards of other types using crafting skills.
Rarify Enables you to combine the same type of Breakshards to level them up.
Genesis (Level 1-3) Shoots out barbed branches in front of you, impaling multiple enemies in the damaged area. With each increasing level, the damaged area increases. When leveled up, you can hold the buttons for longer to inflict damage over a longer time.

These are all the Purple Magic Spells in Forspoken. Some other Forspoken guides that you might be interested in:

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