Frey’s unique Magical Abilities in Forspoken allow her to travel the world without any hesitation. Magical abilities allow her to traverse the difficult path of Athia, which allows her to explore new areas of Athia. These magical abilities also aid her in fighting enemies. Magic Parkour makes her life easy to travel the dangerous routes of Athia and fight against enemies.

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During Frey’s journey in the treacherous terrain of Athia, she has to survive because there is no way of going home. Thanks to her magical abilities, she can cast spells to travel through the dangerous paths of Athia and fight against enemies.

Unlocking Different Spells

In the beginning, Frey can use basic spells that fall into each category of magic. As you progress through the game, you will collect Mana, which is used to unlock more spells in-game.

To unlock specific spells, make your way to Fount of Blessing. Visiting these locations will improve your jumping ability and stamina regeneration, so don’t forget to visit these locations.

Further magical abilities will be unlocked as you progress through the story. Forspoken has a wide variety of over 100 spells. These spells are unlocked by Mana. Mana is very useful in Forspoken as it unlocks more spells. Mana is earned when you level up in the game.

Types of Magics in Forspoken

Magic in Forspoken has different offensive and defensive spells. The same goes for Parkour skills. The basic magics used in Forspoken are the following:

Attack Magic

In PlayStation, R2 is set to cast Attack Magic spells which is Frey’s primary attack. No ammo or cooldown is set for Attack Magic. If you are uncomfortable using the R2 button, you can remap it to R1.

Support Magic

The button used to activate Support Magic spells is L2. It decreases enemies’ damage and holds them in one place. Cooldown time can be sped up by using the Attack Magic spell. You can also remap it to L1.

Surge Magic

Surge Magic spells are the Ultis of Frey. It is triggered by holding both R2 and L2 buttons simultaneously. When an enemy is stunned, Frey can perform a Killer Blow to annihilate the enemy. Surge Magic is charged during the usage of Attack and Support spells.

Frey can use the following four magic spells to prevent herself from enemies attack or to attack the enemies:

  • Purple Magic: This type of magic is earth-based.
  • Red Magic: This type of magic is fire-based.
  • Blue Magic: This type of magic is water-based.
  • Green Magic: This type of magic is light-based.

These are all the Magical Abilities in Forspoken. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Forspoken wiki page.

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