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Forspoken Leveling Guide: How to Level Up Fast, Farm XP


Forspoken is an action-adventure video game developed by Luminous Productions. It follows the story of a young New Yorker as she embarks on an incredible journey to the dazzling yet treacherous world of Athia in Forspoken. What makes her journey easier is gathering XP and leveling up as fast as possible. This guide will provide tips on how to level up fast, farm XP, and get the best rewards from the game.

How To Farm XP In Forspoken

There are two ways to farm XP in Forspoken:

  • Winning Battles
  • Completing Detours

#1: Winning Battles

The traditional way to acquire experience points (EXP) in Forspoken is through winning battles. The amount of XP you can gain from each battle depends on the Combat Grade – this can be located on the right side of your screen. To maximize your potential rewards, take down as many enemies as possible as you explore the world.

Note: The Combet’s performance is determined by the frequency in which you dodge attacks, successfully land maneuvers and spells on opponents, and how often you pull off perfect evasions.

#2: Completing Detours

As you make your way through the Forspoken, remember to take a few breaks and explore nearby side quests known as Detours. Not only will these detours grant you XP- essential for progressing in the game – but they also offer special collectibles unique to each quest. In addition, with every completed Detour comes greater rewards that can help level up your character.

Tips and Tricks To Level Up Fast in Forspoken

There are two ways to level up fast in Forspoken:

  • Activate Auto-Evasion
  • Set Difficulty Level To Low

#1: Activate Auto-Evasion

Maximize your drop rate bonus multipliers and XP in Forspoken with the Auto-Evasion feature! Activating it under settings lets Frey dodge most enemy strikes automatically – even those that can’t usually be evaded. This will greatly boost combat grade while increasing your odds of victory against formidable adversaries. Try out Auto-Evasion now to skyrocket ahead when leveling up.

#2: Set Difficulty Level To Low

Setting the difficulty level to Low in Forspoken is an effective way to level up fast. Lowering the difficulty setting reduces the challenge of each battle and yields more XP for every victory. In particular, players will find that enemies deal less damage, use fewer maneuvers and spells, and have weaker health bars when compared to higher difficulty levels. This makes it easier to take out foes quickly and efficiently while still receiving great rewards.

That’s all for this Forspoken Leveling Guide! With these tips, you should be on your way to becoming the best adventurer in Athia. Remember to activate Auto-Evasion and set difficulty levels low for maximum XP rewards from each battle. And remember to take some time to explore the Detours – they are a great source of EXP and rewards! Good luck, and happy gaming!

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