Green Magic Spells are arguably the strongest spells in Forspoken. These spells excel in mid-to-long-range engagements. Not only do these spells do a lot of damage, but they also provide a bunch of escape tools. This guide will help learn all there is to know about all the Green Magic Spells in Forspoken:

Forspoken Green Magic Spells

Also known as Tanta Olas’ magic, the Green Magic Spells in Forspoken uses light for moves. Unlike the fiery Red Magic Spells, Green Magic is much easier on the eyes and elegant-looking. Below, you can find a complete list of all the Green Magic Spells in Forspoken:

Offensive Green Magic Spells

Dart Marks enemies as targets with magical lights for charged attacks.
Storm Dart (Level 1-3) Electrocutes enemies close by while charging and deals damage via shockwave upon release. With each increasing level the area of attack and, the damage done also increases.
Seeker Dart (Level 1-3) Deals damage by shooting out lightning toward previously shot Darts. Enemies already shot with Darts are dealt a lot of damage. With each increasing level the damage done increases.
Pulse Dart (Level 1-3) Deals damage by shooting out beams of light towards enemies already shot with Darts beforehand. With each increasing level the amount of damage dealt increases.

Defensive Green Magic Spells

Distortion Releases a mist that deals damage while making the enemies attack each other.
Compensation Charges the senses while decreasing the recharge time for Surge Magic.
Aggression Sends out numerous darts in a formation to mark enemies as targets for later charged attacks.
Sublimation Absorbs life force from the vicinity while healing Frey in the process.
Projection Shoots a charged spear toward an enemy while dealing damage to the surrounding area as well.
Compulsion Summons mines in mid-air which explode on contact.
Displacement Creates a holographic image of Frey to distract enemies.
Tempest (Level 1-3) Causes Earth to release lightning from under the enemies’ feet to inflict damage on the enemies. With each increasing level the amount of damage and the area in which the damage is done increases.

Misc. Green Magic Spells

Diversify Adds a fourth skill to a necklace.
Spoof Leaves an image of Frey behind for distraction and easy evasion.
Suppression Erases all tracks of Frey making her harder to locate, however, sudden movement cancels this effect.
High and Seek Fires magical light enemies while moving at a fast speed.

These are all the Green Magic Spells in Forspoken. For more help on the game, you can check out these guides:

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