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How to Farm Mana in Forspoken


Mana in Forspoken is considered to be the most essential resource. Mana will allow you to unlock various spells and also be used to upgrade these spells. Upgraded spells will help you fight enemies with ease. There are multiple ways using which you can farm Mana in Forspoken. Throughout the journey, you have so many opportunities to earn Mana. Depending on your playing style, it is up to you which method you opt to get Mana.

Side Quests
The fastest way to get a handful of Mana is by completing side quests. These side quests will aid you in getting Mana and Gold Nuggets. In this way of farming Mana, the map is your best friend as it will indicate activities and rewards linked with these activities. A considerable amount of Mana will be rewarded by completing these side quests or activities.

Leveling Up
You will encounter missions from the main story and side quests throughout the game. By completing these missions, not only will you get Mana but XP as well. This XP will help you increase your level. As you level up, you will be granted 12 to 14 Mana.

Another way to level up swiftly, collect scraps throughout the game. Scraps will also aid you in leveling up. So there you go: more levels ups mean more Mana. But It is not considered to be the fastest way to get Mana.

Glowing Light Pillars
Another way to get Mana is to traverse the map. You will notice some Glowing Light Pillars, and by interacting with the light pillar, you will get one Mana. This method is considered consistent as you get one Mana from each pillar.

One Mana is not enough which is why you should try to find a group of light pillars that will give at least five to six Mana. If you have Parkour around the map in Athia, you can better find these light pillars in groups.

All methods are considered fast, but it is totally up to you which method you choose to farm Mana in Forspoken. For more help on Forspoken, check out these guides:

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