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Forspoken Cipal Old Coins Locations Guide


Old Coins in Forspoken are used to buy different items. Most coins can be found in chests, but you need to solve different puzzles to unlock them. To find these coins, you need to travel to Cipal City. In this Forspoken guide, we have shared the locations of all the Old Coins in Cipal.

Chapter 2

The old coin is located on the facade, middle of the stairs leading north from the lower city’s plaza up to the Upper City. In the city of Cipal, you will not be able to use Magic Parkour. So you have to jump down. Once you jump down, use Cuff Scan to locate the right spot.

To find the old coin, head outside Frey’s room at the Shady Tree bar to the west of the Lower City square and make a U-turn to the left. Keep running parallel to the city wall and then make a left turn. When you reach the broken end of the walkway, you will find an old coin on the verge of that walkway.

To find the next old coin, follow the western wall past the scaffolding when you reach the cliff’s end. An old coin will be waiting for you at the end of the cliff.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is filled with old coins. If you go to the Upper City, located east of the main square. Upon reaching here, check the shaded area behind the stairs on the left side of the square. Check the wooden bench; you will find an old coin sitting at the corner of the bench.

Another coin is located at the base of the pillar, which is farthest on the left side, and you can also see some soldiers from that location. These three pillars are located in the Upper City, close to Archives and the Mausoleum.

Head for the western part of the crops close to the western gate. From here, find a wooden post; you will notice that the coin is on the top of the post, but you can’t reach it. To get your hands on this coin, you will need to jump up from the short wall to reach it.

An old coin can be found at the end of the railing, located up the Tower of Binnoi, a prison. Head up the spiral staircase and get to the second balcony to get there.

Go down the main stairs, and the second flight will have a wall on the right-hand side of it. The old coin can be spotted at the end of the wall. Try to walk gradually along the top to reach the coin. This spot is in Kiski Meadow, located at the eastern point of the map.

To get another coin, head up the nearby stairs, and go to the end of the right-hand walkway. Here walk off the edge and fall to the ground. You will find an old coin lying on the ground. This is the ground floor of Binnoi Tower.

This coin is located in the arch closest to the wall. The main thing about this old coin’s location is that two kids are standing in front of the wall. This wall is located in Kiski Meadow on the city’s east side. You will notice three arches on the northeastern wall of the area.

These are the locations of all the Old Coins Cipal in Forspoken. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Forspoken wiki page.

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